An over possessive mother!

An over possessive mother. Yes that’s what I am normally referred to as these days. But do I really care? When it comes to my baby everything around is not just as important. What people think of me does not really matter.

It all started with the day we got her home, my husband and I were very strict about hands being sanitised before anyone would touch her. But many times people misunderstood our love and precaution and termed us over protective parents.

There were times the little kiddy sweethearts of our extended family would get all excited to see and hold a tiny little baby in their hands. However we were too scared to let them hold our little world in their not so experienced hands. We were again called insensitive towards the innocent feelings of those little children and a super possessive couple for their new born.

We were and are still very particular about her sleep 😴. If she is asleep I personally do not like to wake her up on purpose. Nothing in this is world is really worth disturbing her sleep. But there are people visiting who really want to spend some time with her and feel how does it matter if she wakes up an hour early from her nap. I am sorry but I simply won’t allow that.

Being a new mom, I panic even at the chance of minor infections and a little fever and I I want to rush to a doctors asap! I am being judged there too!! “Bacchcho ke Saath yeh sab chalta hai”! I am sorry I can’t take it so lightly!!

Often I am told if I continue this behaviour there will be a time when no body will want to spend time with her. But I don’t think so! If she is really important to you, you will understand. I am a mother who is just a little more worried about her child, I am inexperienced, I want to take precaution, I want to avoid accidents. With time I will probably settle down and let her be!! I might be possessive for the world but that’s what I am that’s my way of loving her.

There were only a few set of people who really understood my feelings and intenssions behind my over possessiveness. And I seriously thank them for being so supportive.

Everybody has their own style of parenting, judging them or naming them with terms like over possessive or being careless is just not acceptable.

Have you ever experienced a similar situation in your parenting journey??

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