A Spiritual Journey of Nine Months.

Like all moms I wanted to plan my baby too!! I wanted one more year and a few more vacations before i settle down with a completely new life.. but destiny had different plans for us. When I discovered the big news of my life. I was not ready to accept it at all. But the excitement and twinkle in my husband’s eyes, made me give it a second thought.

With every passing day I was being more and more stressed about the whole pregnancy thing. I was worried about how will the whole thing go. Until one day when my doc spoke to me for a while and told me “u just have 190 days left with your little one inside you, either you live it up totally and do all u can or you continue to sit and think over about how is it going to be.” That was it, there began my “spiritual journey of nine months which was exactly 190 days”.

Everybody around was so happy and I started noticing and enjoying the happiness around me. I started enjoying the pampering, the small little Gestures that everyone around me made to make this journey beautiful and comfortable for me.

People adviced me to read religious books but I was the spiritual one. I heard and chantedOM, Gayatri Mantra. I read books like You Win, Chanakya Neeti (people told me Chanakya Neeti makes a person cunning, and I replied I want a smart baby). I did a lot of Coloring (helps in developing creativity in the child), did a lot of Sudoko (helps in brain development of the child) I use to listen to Mozartwhen sleeping. Wrote a few books 📚 with Gayatri mantra. Also I read a lot of leadership articles, few articles on being positive in life, and also about how to live a healthy and happy life. Heard lot of rhymes, did lot of puzzles. And it was reliving a life like a child.

My husband who is poles apart of all this contributed his bit to it and kept his calm and we played word games together, we played various board games (it was my belief that the baby will also be interested in the activities that I do during this phase). I communicated with my baby about every small thing that I did in the day. I communicated about everything I use to eat or see. I sung her lullabies every night before we went off to sleep.

I did a lot of social work, help children study, met lovely people in old age homes, inshort contributed my bit to the society and all this gave me happiness and blessings to my little one.

I have no idea how much of all this actually will make a difference in her life as an individual but I had trust in what I was doing. People called me old school for doing all this in today’s world but I just wanted to do all I can for our first journey together of nine months.

I hope I made us special enough for her!!

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