Product Review – GAIA Skin Naturals.

There is nothing quite like the soft, delicate skin of a baby. And also, nothing like a cranky infant irritated of a diaper rash or any other skin condition. While your baby looks perfect their skin might not be. Many babies have extra sensitive skin and may be prone to skin irritations.

I found a perfect solution to all the skin related issues of my little one. GAIA Natural baby skin care range. They are Australian made products specifically designed to take care of the delicate and sensitive skin of infant and toddlers. Their are made using naturally derived organic oils and extracts that gently cleanses, moisturizes and soothes skin.

Natural Baby Powder –

This is my favourite baby powder so far. The best part about this is that, it’s a talc free cornstarch formula. The cherry on top is the mild lavender fragrance – makes it smell so fresh . We used to face a lot of nappy rash issues due to excess of moisture in the Happy area and to top it all my little one has extra sensitive skin. All her irritations were comforted by using GAIA Natural Baby Powder. I found it to be an Ideal product for freshening nappy area and protecting against chafing.

As a new mother I tried using this product for myself under the arms, breasts and between the legs to minimise chafing and reduce sweating. And I it really worked for me too.

Naturak Baby Bath & Body Wash :

This is a very calming gel that feels so soft and gentle on baby’s skin. As a new mother I was looking for a baby wash that is soap and sulphate free. GAIA body wash is so mild and gentle on my daughters skin. It leaves her skin so smooth and clean after the bath. The organic fragrance of the essential oils make bath time such a soothing experience. We have been using this everyday for quite some time now and it’s the perfect soap replacement that is pH balanced so it maintains her natural protective oils and prevent dryness.

Natural Baby Shampoo :

GAIA Natural Baby Shampoo was my last resort after trying various product that the market is flooded with for baby care. I was looking for something for a dry scalp. GAIA shampoo is so mild on hair and scalp. It takes care of her flaky scalp.

I have tried many products but they used to sting her eyes and our shampoo sessions would always make our bath time a cranky one. But with GAIA baby shampoo it’s perfect as it does not sting her eyes at all. We now love our bath times.

All the products are designed keeping in mind little ones gentle skin. There are NO artificial fragrances, soap, sulphates, used in any washes, moisturiser, massage oil and wipes. All the products are very effective and I really recommended them for gentle and sensitive skin type.

I would recommend this range of skin care products to all moms. I have ordered it on BabyChakra. The products were sourced directly from the brand and delivered within 7 days from the date of my order placing. Also, I liked the fact that I can opt for any payment (cash/card)method on the delivery of any of the products. So just click on the link below and give these amazing set of products a try.

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