How I miss winters in Mumbai!

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Across India winters are settling in, atleast in most parts of it. In some parts of the country people have already taken out their blankets, while for others the slight chill in the air in early mornings and late evenings are making them switching off their air conditioners. And here I am in Mumbai with my air conditioner on and missing my winter season. Even though I appreciate each and every season for its unique and beautiful qualities. I enjoy the changing weather, as well as the different clothes and activities that accompany each season, but somewhere I am a little biased when it comes to winters. And “yes I miss winters in Mumbai”.

It’s winter. It’s supposed to be cold outside and I miss it being cold. I keep looking at the weather app on my phone hoping for cold temperatures to be just around the corner.

The sticky heat, humidity and buckets of sweat are a year round thing for Mumbai.

Being in mumbai, I miss my winter mornings when I am all cosy in my fluffy blanket and feeling the warmth of the winter sun shining through the curtains on my window.

I miss the delight of a winter bonfire cuddling together with friends and family sharing old stories or playing silly games. It is something that takes me away from the busy urban life where everybody is falling short of time.

Winter season calls for a closet full of warm and cozy clothes. Mumbai being a city of dreams, is known for its Bollywood and fashion, but I cry a little inside every time I spot a new coat at Zara. I miss dressing up in warm sweaters or coats, colorful scarfs or mufflers paired with jackets and shopping for those fancy boots or winter caps.

Being a foodie and coming from a place known for its street food – Indore. I miss bingeing on hot crispy GADADU with a sprinkle of JIRAVAN on top. I miss the winter special delicacies like butte ka kis, and a plate full of crisp jalebi with poha for breakfast.

And specially this season I am going to miss dressing up my doll with layers of clothes and make her look like a walking marshmallow. I love how babies look super cute in their winter monkey caps and colourful sweaters with thier nose and cheek turning pink due to the chill in the air.

I might not have all these in my share this winter season but nonetheless Winter Is Here. Nonetheless every part of the country has their own way of enjoying winters. I will continue to enjoy mine as I eat vada pav with some chilled thumbs up in my cotton t shirt dreaming about temperatures dropping. How do you enjoy your winters share with me in the comments.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post. Now, it is the time for departure, so meet Winter Express next at station. Stay hooked to this journey with the Winter Express!!

32 Replies to “How I miss winters in Mumbai!”

  1. Oho! Why isn’t the temperatures dropping? I can totally relate to humid weathers .. Me
    Staying in a seatown .. Too .. Glad that you are still enjoying all the good things and yea hopefully the temperatures drop!


  2. I am in that same position as u are, I was in north India all my life and moved to Bangalore abt 3 yrs ago, and so I miss the winters. this year is the first time when temperatures have dipped down a little and i was able to take out my sweaters and jackets


  3. I really love mumbai all the more in winters… i love the fact that i can finally use my jackets and sweaters and yes layering kids be the cutest in winters.


  4. Ha ha I agree with you but since am a Mumbaikar for me, whatever little bit of winter we get there is also special.. By the way I love Indore. Have very fond memories of that place


  5. Winters have it’s own charm. I am from Delhi and I see the extreme for summers and winters. I can understand how much you must be missing winters…


  6. Oh! This post was such a delightful one. Here in Bangalore, the temperatures are dropping and it’s all wintry nice!

    I, can relate about spotting a new coat at Zara and the weather not being apt to wear it 😁


  7. I know how you must be feeling about winters, for me it has to be all seasons otherwise I just can’t think and work properly, too long winters or too long summers, just the thought makes me feel gloomy. But there’s a good side to it, you can always plan a trip to cold places.


  8. I was in delhi for 3 years and then moved to i really jnow hiw you feel. But this winter I am back in Delhi!! So will be enjoying fully. Gloves on and coffee while sitting under the blanket 💕💕


  9. I am almost drooling reading this ” I miss bingeing on hot crispy GADADU with a sprinkle of JIRAVAN on top.” . I had no clue about the weather in Mumbai, I thought it is chilly there too …


  10. I love winters and wait for them through out the year.. 😊 .. can’t imagine life without them. Though have heard very good things about Mumbai would love to visit when ever I can


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