Why I love Softsens for M!

Babies are such bundles of joy aren’t they?? Motherhood along with much happiness brings in a sense of responsibility to choose the best for your child. I wanted to do so too and this I was obviously apprehensive of the products that I use for little M.

Baby’s skin is soft, smooth, and infinitely touchable, and Baby M is born with extra sensitive skin. I am always in search for products that will suit her skin type. Recently I got my hands on @Softsens – they are an innovative bunch of baby care enthusiasts. All their products are designed by in-house experts inspired by everyday needs, habits and experiences of real Moms like us.

I have been using a few products by softsens on little M for a while now and here is my opinion on the products that came in the baby skin care set.

Baby wash:

I personally loved this baby wash as it’s enriched with natural milk cream and Shea butter. It’s perfect for her skin type as it gently cleanses her skin without drying it out.

Also what I really look in a body wash is, that it should be soap free to avoid irritation in her eyes and we look forward to a tear free bath time.

Baby Shampoo:

Little M was born with a head full of hair and I loved how her hair were so soft. But as we got her head shaved and the new hair growing is comparatively dull.

I liked this baby shampoo as it’s enriched with natural plant based essential oil, which maintains the natural oil in her hair.

What I really like about this is that it’s a soap free formula which cleanses and nourishes the baby’s scalp.

Baby wipes:

As we all know, motherhood comes with a need of tones of baby wipes. I loved these ones in specific as they are alcohol and paraben free.

Also these wipes are infused with lotion and vitamin E which keeps her dry skin moisturised and the cooling aloe Vera gel soothes her skin. I find it completely safe to use all over her body when on the go.

Baby powder:

I absolutely love the mild fragrance and soft velvet feel to this baby powder. We have used this around her happy area and it absorbs the excess moisture and keeps the skin dry and smooth.

The plant based ingredients which have antiseptic properties protect baby’s soft skin from friction and sweating making the baby feel comfortable and happy.

Baby Lotion & cream:

I prefer this lotion as it comes with milk cream and Shea butter and this keeps her dry skin moisturized for longer period. This also contains glycerin and anti oxidants like vitamin E which helps hydrate her skin and keep nourished. It’s extremely light weight and non greasy in skin, perfect for the weather type in mumbai.

Baby massage oil:

Honestly I haven’t tried this product on her as she is allergic to any massage oil. We massage her body with homemade ghee. But I have used it for myself as a makeup remover and it works wonders. It’s extremely light and the olive oil extracts soothe and condition the skin.

Baby soap:

We are extremely happy with the body wash and I personally feel soap would be a little harsh on her sensitive skin so did not give it a try. But I have tried it on myself and it’s creamy and the mild and sweet fragrance is so refreshing.

I genuinely look for products that are made in India yet meet international standard, and I am happy I have found my set of skin care range for M. What can go wrong with products that are made with a philosophy of MOM KNOWS THE BEST!

9 Replies to “Why I love Softsens for M!”

  1. Wow the baby looks so cute. The Softsens looks a great brand We moms always lookout for a safe and a great products for our kids and sofsense looks like that. Will try this for my kids.


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