My Mom Was RIGHT!

Last evening while feeding dinner to my little one I just stopped for a moment and thought Oh my god, I sound exactly like my mother!

It was only when I became a mother myself I realised that my mother was right about every damn thing.

Okay so to start with, let me take you back in my childhood. I had a very disciplinary mother, my meals had to be on time, I got to eat junk food and chocolates only twice a week, I had to go to bed on time. Keeping it short my childhood was a very disciplined one and I always thought I would never do this when I become a mother.

But yesterday evening when My little one wanted to have chocolate milk instead of her porridge for dinner I panicked and I said – if you wish to have dinner you have to eat what is in plate for you. And that was the moment! I realised OMG – I thought I would never do this.

And then I realised as a child I was constantly coming with excuses for myself that why mom would never understand that things have changed from when she was a child. I always thought that she and I are totally different personalities, and she would never know what I felt as a child or what I will be as a mother. But she always told me one thing – “You will know it all when you become a mother”.

Well, here I am today mother to a one year old little princess, and I have experienced quite a lot if not all. And finally I have that moment where I say “Oh Mom YOU WERE RIGHT”. You were right when you scolded me to eat healthy, to follow a routine, to have a clean closet and a clean room, to do my homework.You were right about everything.

After being a mother, I realised you were not wrong

when you simultaneously loved and disliked me in a single moment of time.

You were right that my swollen gums while teething and blocked nose in winters were more painful for you than me.

I now know that you were right, when you said your days were really long, but your years went in the blink of an eye while you were busy raising me.

So today I bow my head in front of a mother who has been selfless, who has nurtured me into who I am. I find myself beyond lucky to call you my Mom and I can’t thankyou enough for all that you have done for me. I accept YOU WERE RIGHT! Being a parent is not easy, as I continue to learn being one everyday, I wish I can be like YOU.

This post is a part of a blog train organised by Elina Wadia where 20 Indian moms have come together to write on how their own mothers were right! To read her article on the same topic, click here Elina

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