What Freedom Means to Me!

6EDD183B-36E5-4A22-A542-0B81E0233CC3Freedom for a layman is the right to speak, think or worship, but for me freedom is a little more than just being free to do whatever I want. Fortunately, I am blessed to not be in a hard enough situation to even achieve a more basic level of freedom of thought where we know ourselves and do what we want to. Instead, we do what we think our parents, our friends, our bosses, or society dictates. For me freedom is a much greater deal than all these things and it’s at a different altitude.

Freedom for me earlier was, when I got to select the field of my education and switch it when I was not comfortable with it and my parents did not judge me for it.

Freedom for me was, when I got to hold on to a demanding and challenging job and quit it just because I wanted to take a break for some time and I wasn’t judged for it.

Freedom for me was, when I got a choice to learn the household chores because it was of my interest and not because it was a prerequisite.

Now, Freedom for me is feeling secure while I walk on a lonely road at midnight.

Freedom is when I get to plan a trip after marriage with my set of friends without being questioned much on the details.

Freedom for me is being able to raise my voice in defence of anyone in need without a fear of getting myself affected for doing so.

Freedom for me is not being judged when I choose to be a stay at home mama and leave my career aside for a while.

Freedom for me is not being judged for my messy bun, shabby brows and mom style dressing.

Freedom for me is being free from the guilt (specially momguilt) of not being able to live up to the expectations or taking a break from responsibilities and duties once in a while.

Freedom for me is not being judged on my parenting style which has a lot of extra pampering with a little screen time.

Freedom for me is when I let my little one be free and take her time to learn things. Choosing to let her stay away from the rat race of being the best and as quick as you can.

Freedom for me is being free from the social pressures and take decision that bring true happiness to my heart.
Above all this the most important thing which I need to seek freedom from is, freedom from my fear.Freedom from the fear of being a perfectionist. Freedom from fear of loosing things or people in life. I want to live a free life, Life that is adventurous, full of little moments that make memories for life. Freedom for me is exploring the world with no restrictions and boundaries, with no deadlines and pressure of performance.

This blog post is a part of #LetsDiscussFreedom Blogathon. I would like to thank Sunita from <SunitaSaldhana>for introducing me. I would now like to introduce Sumira Bhatia from < Cuckoosnest > and recommend you to read her views on the prompt, ‘What Does  Freedom Mean To You’.



2 Replies to “What Freedom Means to Me!”

  1. Freedom from Fear is the biggest hurdle which we have to surpass. It’s the barrier which holds us from reaching the end point. Happy to join you on the #Let’sDiscussFeedom blogathon.


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