Let them be free – but in Moderation.

31D2F975-691A-4B16-8840-46505AE615B1Being a parent has made me discover a new side of me, an over protective person. I believe many times, as a parent I hover the little one out of fear. Many of you might relate to this, do you also feel scared of raising your child in a wold where everyday you hear a about kidnapping case, child abuse and bullies. If you feel world was a much more secure place when you were a kid, we have mutual thoughts mommy. But our duty as parents is to not just protect them but prepare them.

I believe kids are more safe and secure when they are supervised in their activities. But it’s also important to make them independent, they need to learn how to solve problems and regulate their own actions. For this, Children Need Freedom.

Also I strongly believe, freedom once given is very difficult when taken back.

03AE1980-0E55-41BA-8473-EBD99B19B2D1To this when I think of giving freedom to my little one, I believe Freedom In Moderation is what they really need.

Making them understand the good and bad side of every action will help them take a more evaluated decision in any given situation. Moderation in freedom will increase the flexibility in their behaviour.

For instance, i many a times see kids being influenced with the things that their friends do. They might want to eat junk just because their friends might do it. You can’t completely keep them away, instead choose to give them the freedom to do things in moderation. This will help them choose to do such things when they really want to do it (and not because they see their friends doing it) and be in control.

Also by giving freedom in moderation you will make them self disciplined. It’s always easier to control behaviour when you are free to do things or when you choose to not do it. On the other side when you are constrained from doing things, you might want to do it more, in some cases just out of anxiety to know why are you constrained from doing it.

How much freedom should be given to kids is the most thought about topic amongst parents. Freedom is a matter of concern with new parents, parents of a toddler and parents to teen aged children too. For me Freedom In Moderation in what I believe in, not only for my child but I practise the same on self too.

Share with me, what is your take on giving freedom to children. This blog post is a part of #LetsDiscussFreedom Blogathon. I would like to thank Sunita from <SunitaSaldhana>for introducing me. I would now like to introduce Sumira Bhatia from < Cuckoosnest > and recommend you to read her views on the prompt, ‘Your Take On Giving Freedom To Kids’.



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