Are you a MINIMALIST too?

In today’s era where the world is flooded with overwhelming choices, are we being influenced to think that WE NEED MORE? Give it a moment and think – do we really need more gadgets to be more productive? Do we really need a new outfit for every event or it’s just the peer pressure? Are tv commercials influencing  us to believe that we need those expensive products for our safety or well-being of our skin or fitness?

Call me a millennial but I truly believe in minimalism. In my personal opinion, Less is More. I try my best to get rid of all non-essentials and focus on the things that give life meaning and joy. It helps me balance my lifestyle, and has made my life more simpler and happier.

Does being a minimalist means, I buy less things?

Not at all, it means I only buy things that I  absolutely need. I try to draw a line between my wants and needs. As a minimalist, I like being surrounded by things that are most of value to me and make me feel content.

I know that it is very easy to slip and fall into situations of buying every cute thing you see because it’s interesting or you want to try new things or because you think that you will use it “ONE DAY.”

As a new parent I promise myself to incorporate the same in my parenting style. I will never deprive my daughter from essentials but I will also always declutter the non essentials. As a parent I want to focus on the simple joys of parenting and enjoy her childhood. This might be challenging as I want to give my little darling the world like any other parent would want to. But I want to try my best to keep away from the new culture that only talks about excesses.

With my experience of being a minimalist myself, I have figured out that simplification is the key to a fun filled, relaxed and decluttered parenting. To know more on about my minimalistic approach in parenting and to know more on how am I doing it, look up to my next post on this here.

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