This Holi Let’s fill some colours in our life!

Holi – the festival of colours is here and it’s my favourite festival after Diwali ofcourse. Before Mi happened to me I have played the messiest, with not only colours but also eggs, tomatoes, cooked food, mud, oil. To be honest, memories are hazy and let’s leave it at that.

But now I am a mother and trust me guys I am a really possessive human when it comes to Mi. So by default it can’t be a messy one this year, but I want her to understand and enjoy all the festivals. This is not because I am being a religious mother but a spiritual one at heart. According to me spirituality is about finding permanent joys. And what better way than Holi to find joy and have some fun.

Last year this time Mi was just two months old and I was going through bad post partum depression but this year is special. I want to fill this year with beautiful colours and their significance in her life.

Let’s start with my favourite colour YELLOW: the color of Sunshine, I wish the yellow colour brings in a lot of HOPE and WARMTH. You my little sunshine have brought so much warmth in our lives and I hope i will be able to make this year a bright and colourful one for us.

GREEN: the colour of Life, I wish the colour green brings in a lot of FRESHNESS and ENERGY. You are my dose of powerpacked energy, your smile makes my mornings fresh and energetic. I hope I can be energetic enough to match up to the speed with which you are growing and learning new things every passing day.

RED: the colour of LOVE & ANGER, until you happened, for me Love was more about romance and desires but it’s you, who have made me realise the POWER of PURE LOVE. This year, I want to be more PASSIONATE about being a better person keeping aside my short tempered nature, so that I set a better example for you.

BLUE: the colour that represents SKY and OCEAN, I hope to support you with strong wings to fly high, for your dreams my dear sky should not be the limit. I wish to be able to give your thoughts a depth of an ocean. I promise myself to groom you into a confident and free bird.

PINK: a colour that reflects everything that’s SWEET. I wish this colour of sweetness spreads lot of LAUGHTER and brings PLAYFUL DAYS. With this colour that symbolises Feminism, I hope I raise a strong headed and soft hearted woman.

Every season, every festival is a new experience with you my princess. And with all my excitement I want to celebrate this season of blooming flowers on palas trees and festival of colours that spreads happiness around.

Wish you all lovely people a VERY HAPPY HOLI from me and mine.

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