What’s your worth?

On a beautiful afternoon, while i took my little one out to the park for a stroll i ran into an old friend.

Him: Hey! its been so long,

Me: yeah its really been a long time. How you doing?

Him: I am doing very good, What are you upto?

Me: currently, I am a stay at home mommy to this little muffin.

Him: Aww she is adorable, but tell me something are you worth just to be a Stay at home parent?

And i was numb for a moment,  but i smiled and wrapped up the conversation with an approval to catch up for a coffee sometime soon. Since then something made me uncomfortable for the next few weeks, and that was a four letter word in his sentence JUST. It that made me question if I was doing enough for my life. It made me rethink my goals and aspirations and I wondered, have i become unproductive in life? am I barely just raising my child, looking after a family, and running a household. After being disturbed and distracted for quite a few days, while I was reading an article on self worth,  I realized Sometimes we like to measure our worth as moms based on a bunch of external variables. Can someone truly quantify the worth of a woman?  The truth remains that our worth as woman and as mothers is immeasurable. We are making a difference to the society by raising a responsible human. When you start feel “is that really big deal? Every mommy does it” remind yourself the  old saying that says, “the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.” I think there is a lot of truth in this saying!!!

Never underestimate the power that is within you, women and mothers are some of the most valuable and powerful influences of this world. I want to congratulate myself and all you women and mothers for the love and devotion we display towards our children and family. Lets Be encouraged that all those hard times, sleepless nights, long days, trips to the doctors, cooking a four course meal, cleaning up after them, running them around to all their activities, a house full of hungry friends & family and arguments with strong willed family members. These are all completely worth it when Someday you and I will look back and say we did it.

I want to encourage all of you fellow mothers that as you give up on yourself and invest into your children’s lives, be confident, that you are a World Developer and World Changer, even when it doesn’t feel like you are because you are a MOTHER and before that you are a woman!

I made a promise to myself that i don’t need someone else to acknowledge to my self worth to make it real. And I don’t want to look elsewhere for affirmation of my value as a woman or mother. Are you with me on this? Share with me your take on this.

As the world celebrates the International Women’s day , we the bunch of bloggers have come together with Neha from sharingourexperiences.com, Deepali from myteenytot.com and Anubhuti from criesnlaughter.com to rejoice this spirit of womanhood.

I would like Thank Gunjan for introducing me, and next in train is Sagrika.

Do visit their blogs too, I am sure you would love to read what they have written on this topic. And please don’t forget to leave them some love.

22 Replies to “What’s your worth?”

  1. That’s such a nice write up Cheni.. as a women we give a lot to society, from our love and affection to our time, from our name to a child. We should start respecting our selves for other to respect us and value our worth.


  2. Absolutely, Cheni. Only you and no one else gets to determine your true worth. And honestly, these are big, baffling words. One follow her instincts. Those are always correct. The bottom line is whether we are happy and satisfied with ourselves. The rest is BS.


  3. I totally understand this feeling of yours as i felt the same for so many months seeing all working moms but then I understood a mother’s worth definitely we are doing tremendous job in raising future of the world and better humans. 😊


  4. The society around is so demanding from women. If the same thing was seen with a man doing the take would have been different. Anyway you enjoy your motherhood


  5. Absolutely, I am with you in this. Being a mother is more than anything else. Here I am not talking about the 24 hours job with no sick leave and all much more than that. Loving someone unconditionally, putting your own aspirations at the back burner and still finding a different new direction so that your family and kid won’t get neglected is not easy. So no matters what others say, we should be proud of ourselves.


  6. This is so true and relatable. Women are somehow so burdened by the responsibilities they stop living for themselves at one point.


  7. True, we don’t need anyone judgement to make us feel special or acknowledge our worth. This debate of working vs stay at home is going to be there forever.. but what really matters is – What I feel within,.


  8. I was waiting to read something like this and let me declare that I totally agree with you. The very essence of being a woman is being strong and not measure her worth from someone else’s perspective. Loved the post. Keep doing what you are already doing dear.!


  9. Endless discussion have happened in my life but still I’m not able to understand my own worth but I guess one day it will


  10. This is an ongoing debate and there is no exact answer to all these questions. Only a mom knows whats best for her child. If she is happy with her decision, thats what matters the most.


  11. This is really beautifully written! We always underestimate SAHMs.. the truth is it is their wish if they want to work or not.. no one else can judge them for that! They are anyway Equally wonderful!


  12. A role of a woman is supreme! I dont see why a SAHM is any less than working ones! I am proud to be a SAHM, and whats our worth? It should change with time! It gets higher as we grow older! We are worth a lot more than people imagine


  13. Very beautifully written and i totally agree with your words.. I know who i am and i don’t need to see myself in some other’s prospective and that’s what my thought about myself..


  14. A mother is the most valuable person on this earth, and you rightly said, no one needs to prove our self worth. When a baby grows up with the attitude a mother wants, that’s the best pride.


  15. That’s a brilliant post, Cheni. We women don’t need anyone to tell our worth. The job we mothers do is immeasurable. People need to understand this and look like we have a long way to go.


  16. It is rather unfortunate that all of us who begin the journey of a housewife after kids have to face this question. But it is also beautiful how we find worth in everything we do, given the fact that parenting is the most worthwhile aspect anyway!!


  17. Completely agree with you and very very well said. A mom is building societies and raising kids who are going to be the future of tomorrow, which is a big task and responsibility. And here is nothing like JUST. there are more skills required to be a mom than you ever need in an office


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