The Sunshine Book!

Toddlers seem to have endless energy that can often leave you desperate for ways to keep them occupied. Instead of using the little bit of energy you have left with to search for ideas, arm yourself with this busy book with many toddler activities sewn together.

You may call it Busy book, Quiet book or a Cloth/Felt book, concept remains the same. This is a series of fabric and felt pages containing age appropriate activities to entertain infants and toddlers.

I have used a quite book with different textures for my daughter to work on her sensory skills, when she was an infant.

And now we are using this amazing book with a target to focus on skills like matching, sorting, imaginative play. You can also introduce skills like lacing, tieing, braiding, using zipper.

This sunshine book by MermaidsandDinos cover topics like matching colours, shapes, counting numbers, helps spend some time spinning stories with finger puppets. Also work on the hand and eye coordination with the help of a magnetic fishing activity. It lets the child explore the concept in their own way. The designer of MermaidsandDinos believes “there is no correct way to play with a quiet book”, also it’s known that open ended play allows them to build their stories and create their own games.

This wonderful and compact size play activity book comes to our rescue when we need a quiet activity while waiting at the doctor’s and also when we need to keep our little ones busy while stuck in traffic for long hours. It’s a perfect replacement for carrying several toys to keep them occupied. Also I am impressed by the quality and neatness of the book. This is a 100% sewn book, none of the parts of the book is glued. Which makes the book more durable and can be passed on to the next sibling. Also this is one of the best gift solution for babies and toddlers.

In the video below watch my daughter having a quiet and playful time with her cousin, this book is our all time favourite and keeps us entertained.

Have you ever used a quiet book for your little one to keep them engaged for a while? Head over to mermaidanddinos, grab one for your little muffin and let them explore and learn in their own way.

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