Baby Wearing for stress free parenting.

Baby wearing in olden days was used by labourers and farming women, who wore their babies in slings made of sarree, the concept faded out as prams, strollers and car seats came along.

But baby wearing slowly gained back its acceptance among parents, when medical studies showed that babies who are carried cry less and are more content, than those who are held less frequently.

Inspite of being a new age parent, I was completely aloof from the concept of wearing your baby. For me a baby carrier was just to be used while travelling, until I got introduced to Baby wearing as a parenting hack to survive motherhood smoothly.

Our journey of baby wearing begun when we received our soul sling pepper mint full buckle carrier with a pair of soft soul shoes for Missha.

How has Baby wearing helped me?

Wearing her has been the key to happy and stress free motherhood. I really cannot imagine a calm moment without baby wearing when shopping or traveling with her. Also my daily routine activities happen more smoothly when I wear her and she is assured of having all my attention.

Specially on bad days when she is unwell, wearing her close to me helps her with calming influence of my heartbeat. This makes her feel more secure and contribute to a more speedy recovery.

Most importantly baby wearing has elevated my bonding with her which majorly helped me ease postpartum depression.

Why I chose soul sling full buckle carrier?

Fabric quality:

The first thing that makes baby wearing comfortable is a soft fabric of the carrier. I was impressed by the quality of fabric, it looks so breathable and perfect for the humid weather in Mumbai. Also, all their products are made up of hand woven cotton or linen which has a tendency to get softer with every use.


This factor plays a very important role, all the carriers from soulsling are ergonomicaly safe. This comes with two way shoulder adjustment straps and sliding back/chest adjustment straps. It also distributes the weight evenly on my body which protects my shoulders and back from extra stress. Also, the buckles and straps feel very gentle on my body, yet firm and are well made for the safety of my baby.

Ease of use:

I can wear my full buckle carrier both in front and at the back. Initially it took me a little while to get that perfect fit, but once I got use to it, it’s now extremely easy to wear. You can also consult a baby wearing specialist to assist you with the right way of wearing your baby or watch a demo video on YouTube before you start.

Other features:

Full buckle carrier can be used for your infant (6 kgs) to toddler (18 kgs). It has a hood in front with a pull string to protect the baby from direct sun.

It’s priced at 8750/- finding it pricy? this is an investment, because baby wearing is like wearing a hug from your baby. And you can spend even your last penny to get that one more hug from your little one. Isn’t it?

This refreshingly minty peppy linen carrier is an anytime pick me up, grab yours here, Availability .

And, let me know about your thoughts on Babywearing, and how this has helped you?

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Happy Baby Wearing

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