My experience with Mom’sMemoirs – Wear her Care.

Becoming a mother was a feeling of joyousness, I felt empowered and exhilarated to create and nurture a human life inside me.

My Love for my daughter is so different from the love I have for anyone else in this world. The feeling when I held her for the first time can never be put into words, I feel like she is just an extension of me.

It’s been 15 months since that day and It feels like it all went by in the blink of an eye. I wish that there was a way to save the precious little things and moments I shared with her, just to let her know how I felt when that piece of cord stump fell (the life giver to her when she was in my womb) and how our bond grew stronger with every breast feed session.

To answer my wishes came Saakshi Mehra from Mom’sMemoirs. She promised me to preserve the most precious gems of my life, my breast milk, her cord stump, her first curl and her first tooth. Yes, she said she can do it and I believed in her. She came up with a concept of Wear her Care, jewellery made up of Brest Milk, cord stump, first curls and first tooth. Yes! You read it right.

Unfortunately I could not feed my daughter for a really long time. But I chose to wear her cord stump close to my heart and pass it on as the most precious jewel that I would love to inherit to her. I fell in love with the concept and we begun our discussions on designs and colour of this invaluable piece.

Very soon I received a package from Sakshi with an instruction card on how to package her cord stump and send it back safely. In only a few days, Saakshi sent me the work in progress picture. The cord stump was transformed into a very beautiful drop shaped pendent. To add more glitter to it Saakshi took extra efforts and added a pink glittered star.

And very soon I received my most precious double charms pendent. Cord Stump infused Drop of Life charm sprinkled with a hint of gold glitter along with a pink glittery star. I felt special, this is the most precious jewel I have ever owned.

I have captured my memories that only come once in your life but can last forever, in the form of precious gems. You can choose to get this professionally preserved jewellery in gold or silver, in the form of rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks and tie pins. It is the most precious mementos for a father, mother, son or a daughter.

Like every mother wants to inherit her favourite gems to her children, I know how special this would be when she grows up to be a mother and feels the similar love that I felt for her.

If you also want to capture your love and special moments in the form of a precious jewel and inherit it to your children or keep it close to your heart, head over to Moms&Memoirs or connect with Saakshi Mehra at # 9820397473

Happy Motherhood!

20 Replies to “My experience with Mom’sMemoirs – Wear her Care.”

  1. Such a beautiful way of preserving memories! I wish I had known about this concept when I had my son. I still have his birth curls saved, maybe I can get something done with them!


  2. Is it true does this really exist in Mumbai I will definitely share with my newbie momies now very good way to gift


  3. This is so lovely. I love how the pendant has turned out. I have preserved babyT’s first curls and want to get something memorable done from them. I will contact Saakshi.


  4. Such an amazing and beautiful way to preserve such a wonderful memory of your precious one…. something you can wear everyday which reminds you how blessed you are !
    It’s a great idea for new mommies to be 😊


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