Learning begins when in womb! 10 things I did to begin this with Mi.

I assumed a new born child to be a clean slate, unmarked by life, until I nurtured and shaped one myself in my womb, influenced by particularly the environment I lived in during my pregnancy days.

And why not believe in this, we have mythological stories from Mahabharata about Abhimanyu learned the skill to break Chakrvyu in his mother’s womb. In modern time there have been studies conducted to prove that learnings begin when in womb.

Earlier it was believed that, newborns begin to discriminate between language sounds within their first months of life. But scientists have disgcovered, that Babies start to learn language before they are even born. It is said that babies have the capacity to learn and remember elementary sounds of their language from their mother during the last 10 weeks of pregnancy.

When I was expecting Mi, my mom always emphasised on the importance of grooming my child when in womb. As the nature and personality of a child is somewhere influenced by the environment that the expecting mother lives in. I would honestly accept that I did not believe in reading religious books, which is the most common advice given to pregnant lady in India. But I definitely wanted to be spiritual enough.

I gave in all my efforts I could to groom her, here is a list of few things I did when I expected Mi, I have no idea if the ideology I had behind doing all this was right or wrong. But I tried to incorporate a little bit of everything that I felt an individual must have in herself/himself.

•. I did a lot of colouring, picked up crayons and just coloured any random colouring book I found. I believed that colouring might improve the creative side of my baby. And most importantly colours made me feel happy and energetic.

• I read a lot of cute and fun story books. I am a major dreamer, I dream all the time. Day dreaming about happy things happening in life brings me happiness. I read a lot of fairy tales and it would take me in a beautiful imagination and I felt destressed. Reading Cinderella and frozen were my most favourite.

• I played a lot of word games and solved some grammar exercise work sheets. Also solved a lot of sudoku and other puzzles. I believed this would gift my child with a very good problem solving ability.

• Picked up a topic of my choice related to management, leadership, or anything of that sought. This might sound a little over the top to many of you but I felt I should not leave any corner untouched from my end.

• I have read books like ‘You Win” and “Chanakya Niti” when I expected Mi. When I started reading Chanakya Niti I was flooded with comments like Chanakya was a very cunning one and your child might have an influence of it. Even today I dunt know if it was a good decision but I did because I felt like it might benefit my child in some way I am sure.

• I also practised some handwriting skills like calligraphy, did one page everyday. Also, I am a Marwadi and i feel bad I can’t speak the language. I always wanted my child to know the language and I decided to learn a little bit of Marwadi everyday (Mi shows no sign of understanding it any bit yet, but I hope she does soon).

• My yoga instructor always advised me to converse with Mi about every small and big things I did through out the day. I named the food I ate, the flowers I smelled and spoke about the people I met.

• I had a list of instructions about how calm and composed as an individual she is going to be. I repeatedly gave these everytime during our bonding time just before I slept both in afternoon and night. It works just like the positive commands you give to the subconscious brain of a child after the child is fast asleep.

• Everytime I slept there to use to be a soft classical music or hanuman chalisa playing in background, as it really helped me sooth myself and also it’s believed that the waves of Mozart connecting with the waves of brain of the child helps in the over all development of the brain.

• I had decided to keep away from all the television drama sequels and made sure to watch only shows related to cooking or lifestyle (as that interests me the most) and craft or just heard some good music.

The list is endless, there are a lot of things I did to shape a very well balanced individual. This is an experiment for myself to see if learning in womb actually works.

Let me know in the comments below what do you think about grooming and shaping your child when in womb.

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9 Replies to “Learning begins when in womb! 10 things I did to begin this with Mi.”

  1. This is a side of pregnancy people rarely talk about. On what you actually did. And colouring and puzzles are a really great way to feel amazing, release stress and let the creative juices flowing.


  2. Oh thats some very good things that you took up while you were expecting. I appreciate this beautiful thought process and would encourage every expecting mom to do so.


  3. I too feel the same way. When my son was in my womb I too took up many good things that wanted him to lear. I could surely say it’s effective


  4. You did great job as mom before ur child was born u kmew ur responsiblity and that what makes u great mom


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