Power packed recipes for your toddler!

We as mothers are always worried about if our child is taking a balanced diet, a balanced is something when it is a perfect blend of nutrients, carbs, proteins, vitamins, iron.

There are different school of thoughts where people have their opinion on not giving dairy products to children or avoiding carbs. But in my personal opinion, children are growing and they need a balance of everything in their diet.

Motherhood is challenging and the most challenging task is to feed, when your child is a fussy eater or picky about his/her taste or choice of food. But we as moms have to be smart enough, to hide those healthy and power packed nutritious ingredients in a fancy looking dish. So today I am going to share two such recipes which your child will relish and you will do a happy dance for serving healthy food.

Surprise Inside.

I feel the name of the dish should be interesting enough for them to just dig in. So this is a chickpea and sweet potato cutlet stuffed with some goodness of cottage cheese.


Boiled sweet potato: 1/2 cup.

Boiled Chickpeas: 1 cup.

Cottage cheese: 1/2 cup.

Seasoning: salt, roasted cumin power, a dash of chat masala and few drops of lemon.

Ghee: just a few drops.


Mix mashed sweet potato and mashed chickpeas in a bowl and add the seasoning. Then make flat rounds and fill small portion of cottage cheese, further roll and make small coin shaped cutlets.

Once all the cutlets are made, roast them on a non stick pan with just a few drops of ghee until golden brown.

Serve warm with non spicy green chutney or hung curd and carrot salad (sauté grated carrot in few drops of olive oil and rai with some grated ginger and curry leaves).

This recipe will take care of the proteins, fibre, carbs and folate.

Magic Muffin!

I love to call it magic muffin as it’s filled with a magic of all the goodness and healthy food. So this is an oats and banana muffin.


Ripe banana: 2 ( I use the small ones, also called as ilaichi kela)

Whole wheat flour: 1 cup.

Oats: 1 cup. ( I used the instant cooking Quaker Oats)

Sugar: 1/4 cup. ( I want to keep it less sweet, if you like you can take 1/2 cup)

Baking power: 1 tsp

Baking soda: 3/4 tsp

Cooking oil: 3 tbsp

Milk: 1/2 cup (needed as per the consistency of the bater)

Vanilla extract: I used one vanilla stick ( must be around 10 drops or 1 tsp)


Put your oven to preheat, line and add the cup cake case to your muffin moulds. In a mixing bowl mash the banana, and add all the liquid ingredients except milk. Then add the oats and other dry ingredients. Slowly and gradually add milk until you get a thick bater like consistency. Mix well and with the help of a round spoon add the bater in the moulds. Let it bake in the oven for around 15 mins and do a tooth pick test, if needed bake further for 7 more minutes. Tadaaaa your healthy magic muffins are ready. Let it cool and serve with fresh berries and do not forget to dust some sugar on top.

This sweet delight is packed with fibre, carbs, fat, and banana gives it calcium and iron.

Do try these for your little one and let me know how did they like it.

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This blog post is a part of #Baby/ToddlerFood blog train hosted by Anisha from momzdiary ,Danisha from Lovethatyoucanbuy and Deepali from myteenytot.

We 40 Mom Bloggers are here with some amazing Baby & Toddler Food Ideas just for you.

This is a month-long blog train. Stay tuned for some very healthy ans yummy recipes everyday.

I would like to thank our adorable host Anisha for introducing me and would love to invite Kavita to hop on this train and share her recipe.

13 Replies to “Power packed recipes for your toddler!”

  1. Wow… Surprise inside recipe is already triggering my taste buds… Would love to try it out.. Magic Muffin looks yummy and healthy too!!! I love how they are so easy to make.. Thanku so much for sharing!!


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