7 Reasons Why I chose Cloth Diapering.

As a new mother you are flooded with a million advices for things to buy for your baby, people will advice you to follow the old school method that your grand MA followed while she brought up her kids, and some on the other hand will suggest to follow the latest options available in the market.

But trust me when I say this, put the highest quality filter to your ears while you listen to all the advices. Be selective about what suits you and what you feel will be best for your child.

It’s always a good idea to do your own research, few major things that you need to decide on with a new born generally are, if you are going to be breast feeding or formula feeding, if you are going to CO sleep with the baby or put the baby in cot and if you are going to be cloth diapering your baby or using the disposable one.

(Because all your new born will do in his/her first few months will be eat-sleep-poop and repeat)

So as a new mother I decided to be a cloth diapering mama. Ok hold on, when I say cloth diapers do you go back in olden days and imagine a thin nappy with two strings ( mostly made of soft, old used fabrics) No No No! We are living in 2018 my dear, cloth diapering is so much more and improvised than what you think.

So as I say, do your own research, I did mine and here I have listed a few reasons for why I chose cloth diapers over the disposable ones.

More comfortable on Baby’s delicate skin:

Since the fabric used to make cloth diapers is cotton or bamboo which is gentle on their skin.Also, the design of the diaper is so that, it is breathable yet leak free. Unlike the olden days, they now have snaps to secure the diaper (no risk of safety pins which might hurt the baby, Or shabby looking string tied into knots).

Reduces chance of Diaper Rash:

It’s terrible to see that tender skin turned red due to a diaper rash. Too much moisture is one of major reason behind it. Cloth diaper being changed more frequently (because your baby will feel the wetness) causes less chances of any diaper rash. Next very important reason behind less diaper rash is that, there are no chemical involved in a cloth diaper in comparison to a disposable one.

Soft and natural fabrics used in cloth diapers (in comparison to the soft plastic used in the disposable ones) does not irritate the baby’s skin and reduces chaffing around the nappy area.

Helps in Toilet Training:

As a parent one of the happiest moment is when your child reaches a milestone of being toilet trained. Using cloth diapers may prompt your child to try potty training at an earlier age because they don’t have that same dry feeling as they do when they use disposables. With cloth diapers, your child can feel the wetness on their skin because those polymers aren’t used.

(Trust me when I say this, my daughter was almost potty trained when she was 9-10 months old and we are half way through our toilet training in her 18 month)

Easy on Pocket:

Compared to disposables, cloth diapers can save you a mint. I accept it requires a bigger upfront investment but it’s a one time investment. The same diaper can be reused every second day from the first month onwards till your child is almost two years or until toilet trained.

If you calculate, No disposable diaper (with a decent quality) will cost you less than 8 rs per piece, which if considered in bulk and for everyday (minimum six piece per day) for minimum two years or more is way more than this one time investment.

Multiple Use:

Unlike disposables, cloth diapers live on for far longer than just one use.

Initially when I started toilet training, I used just the diaper cover without any insert to prevent any leakage ( as accidents in the beginning of toilet training is more frequent).

Some times I also used just the insert in the underwear to make a diy training pant.

Also, one of the most obvious idea is that i can easily them for my next baby.


The cloth diaper covers are available in different colours, patterns, prints. It really looks adorable and cute instead of a boring looking plastic wrapped around that cute little butt.

Also the adjustable snaps give it a perfect fit inspite of the change in the size of baby’s waist.

Last but not the least, Environment Friendly:

Disposable diapers adds tons of wastage to landfill and this plastic landfill will take more than 100 years to decompose.

Now Compare that to using the same twenty cloth diapers over and over, cleaning them with safe detergent in a washer. I need not explain this comparison any further.

This is my small step towards a plan b that helps us to handover a clean place to live for our children, as there is no Planet B.

These are reasons that helped me make my decision, I hope this helps you make yours too. Motherhood is tough but only a mother is blessed with a power to choose the best for her baby.

Listen to that inner voice and choose what you feel is best for your baby and yourself.

This blog post is a part of ‘Conscious Diapering and Sustainable Living’. A blog train sponsored by Bumberry hosted by Genevieve from Life.of.Gen & Rashmi of Notjustmommying. Here 18 Supermoms have joined hands to share their perspective on cloth diapering and living an eco-friendly sustainable lifestyle.

Hop on to our blog-train for it needs no tickets; spread this love for clothdiapering by sharing this post and others in the series! Also, I want to thank Vaishali from Ammatoday for introducing me and now let me introduce you to our next mom, read what Pragnya from lifewithmypenguin has to say about cloth diapering.

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Happy Parenting.

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