3 Reasons why I choose MotherSparsh Wipes over any other brand.

With Motherhood comes lot of responsibility; one of the most important one amongst all is to choose the best for your baby. These days market is flooded with many options for every product needed for a child, but we always make sure to choose the best specially when it’s about baby’s delicate skin.

As a mother I always prefer using products that are natural and chemical free. Also wipes are sometimes one of the ignored product, we might not consider a conscious buy while choosing a wipes. But did you know that wipes could cause diaper rash to your baby’s delicate skin? Wipes from many popular brands have chemicals and is made up of polyester, which sometimes is the cause behind diaper rash. MotherSparsh wipes are clinically proven to prevent diaper rash in babies.

Below I have listed three reasons why I feel MotherSparsh wipes are better than any other brand available in market.

Purest Wipes:

By far this is the only brand I have come across, that provides a wipe with 98% water base. This makes it as pure as homemade wipes of cotton dipped in water, which is extremely mild on baby’s delicate skin. These wipes are found to be soap and chemical free and thus are extremely gentle on skin. I use these not only for my baby but also to clean my face.

100% Plant Fabric:

I decided to take a step ahead before trusting on this product for my baby. And this is what makes it my favourite; I have conducted a flame test to check this product in comparison to a wipe from a popular brand. And I was really happy with the result. I found that, while burning this had no fumes and the wipe was burning into ashes and there were no lumps. It is the only no polyester wipe I have come across. And I can feel the difference in the texture of the fabric immediately I hold in my hands.


This is a natural wipe, which is 100% biodegradable and will not add on to the plastic landfill like other wipes. I like them because they are gentle on not only the baby’s skin but also on Mother Nature. By using these wipes I feel guilt free and happy of contributing my bit to the environment. I am taking a step towards making this planet a plastic free planet.

It’s very important to make a conscious decision while choosing a product for your little one. It has to be the best for both baby and the environment. And like every mother does, you can conduct your own research before making a choice. To read more about the brand and the product head on to MotherSparsh (http://mothersparsh.com/) . And once you have taken a call, it’s really easy to get your hands on these products you just have to click on this link (https://amzn.to/2LfezjV) and place your order.

I choose MotherSparsh because it’s: as good as cotton and water, do let me know why you choose MotherSparsh.

Also if you like what you just read, then you should leave a comment below and let me know your opinion about this. Also leave some love on Instagram by following me @mamamusings_

Happy Parenting.

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