DIY for Toddlers

Motherhood is tiring, you are mostly low on energy but on the other hand your toddler seem to have endless energy. Specially in this monsoon season it’s difficult to keep them indoors and this often leaves you in a desperate search of new ideas everyday to keep them engaged and busy.

Also to top this up further Our children tend to get bored of toys very soon. And this is why, I like doing some DIY activities, that keeps her busy and in this way Very often I can offer her with something new to be occupied with. So instead of you wasting your energy to look for such ideas you can arm yourself with these two DIY ideas that will help you work on multiple skills at the same time.

So here is a little brief about these activities, these are more on the concept of matching and sorting, and these can be done with age group of 15-24 months.

So for the FIRST ACTIVITY you will need following items:

⁃ Few Q Tips.

⁃ Plastic or paper straws

⁃ Painting colours ( try using the non toxic colours)

⁃ A pair of scissors.

Firstly, cut the straw in small pieces ( approx 2 to 2.5 inch’s). Take four or more colours of your choice, and colour both sides of the Q Tips and pieces of straw in different colours. Make sure you have multiple pieces of each colour.

Now you can ask your toddler to MATCH the coloured Q tip with a similar coloured piece of straw. Further the child can pass the Q tip through the straw piece, this will help in working on the FINE MOTOR SKILLS.

You can also ask the toddler to SORT the Q Tips and straw pieces of the same colours, and to increase the complexity level you can also ask the Toddler to COUNT the number of pieces.

Moving ahead for the SECOND ACTIVITY you will need these following items:

⁃ Pair of scissors

⁃ Coloured chat paper

⁃ Card board cut into square shape ( here I am using one from an amazon delivery carton box)

⁃ Glue stick

Firstly, you need to draw different shapes or fruits or vegetables on chart paper ( always a good idea to choose about the concept that you are currently doing with your toddler, for e.g. we are doing shapes this week so here I have taken different shapes).

With the help of scissors cut those shapes and now with help of a glue stick, stick it on the square shaped card board paper.

Now, cut the square into two pieces exactly from the Center. And your cut outs should now have two equal parts of one particular shape or fruits ( or anything that you have chosen). Your two piece puzzle is ready, to begin with ask your your child match smiler shapes.

Further more you can also play a memory game with these cut outs, flip the cards ( shapes facing on the floor) now ask your child to flip one by one and look for a perfect match.

Moving ahead, to make it more complex just cut these two pieces into four equal pieces and your four piece puzzle is ready (you can also opt for 3 pieces or 5 pieces). Now ask your toddler to form a perfect shape with this four pieces.

So, these are some very easy to make puzzles which can be made out of things that are easily available at our house. Also with one easy activity you can introduce your toddler to different concepts. We are mothers of the 21st century, some of us are managing the house, work, and a toddler all by herself. And thus, We often look for activities that involves less time to be made but can be used in different ways.

Also these are very handy to take it along while you travel. Just put them in one pouch individually and you are all sorted to keep your toddler while travelling in the flight or in train or even when you are stuck in a traffic jam.

Do share with me know in the comment section below, if you can think of any other concept that you can introduce using these two ideas.

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Happy Parenting.

12 Replies to “DIY for Toddlers”

  1. I so love the idea of getting your little one match and sort the colours and pictures….. love the q tip and straw matching idea….. great ideas to keep the little monsters busy and fun playing and learning.


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