Have you met The All New Johnson’s?

Are you a child from the 80ies? What are your fondest memories from childhood other than watching small wonders, playing contra on video game and fighting for bubble gum stickers? Is there any particular fragrance that takes you back in the childhood days and makes you feel nostalgic about it? For me, it’s the typical fragrance of products from Johnson Johnson. Every baby use to smell the same because 99% of us from those times were Johnson and Johnson babies.

The brand is not a few decades but more than a century old in this industry. We have all grown up using Johnson and Johnson products, but just one incident with someone unfortunate will damage the trust on this brand? Do you feel something that you have used all your life, and everyone around you has been using from generations to generations can be unsafe? All these questions kept bothering me ever since I read the headlines about the brand that is so close to my heart. And I was privileged enough to attend an event from the brand themselves, I got a chance to clear all my doubts and to get answers to all my questions.

Recently, the brand hosted a mega event in Mumbai at the ITC grand Maratha hotel to launch their new range of products. I was invited by the team of MyBabyChakra to witness this launch and be a part of their mom bloggers loop.

Now, the first question that might pop up in your mind after reading about the new launch would be, why a new range? Was the earlier one unsafe? But to this question I have an answer straight from the horse’s mouth, they believe they were always safe and best in the industry but sometimes “the best needs to get better”.

I got to experience the all new Johnsons’s, that was better than the best both outside and inside. The new product range is more gentle and more cleaner. It’s free from all the parabens. This might make you question, the products had paraben earlier? To this the brand said – yes, but parabens in moderation are not harmful for baby’s soft skin. But looking at the needs of the consumer the new range of products is paraben free. The new range is more cleaner as I said, the lotion is white in colour and the shampoo is transparent, which clearly shows that the products has no dye.

Now about the outside of the products, the all new Johnson’s comes in completely new packaging, the bottles are pear shaped which makes it easier to handle. Secondly, the quality of the packaging has been improved, always look for a seal packed bottles to ensure safety and purity. But we are moms of the 21st century, we do not believe what we are told or we read in the news. We always like to take a two further, and we got to experiment the products ourselves to decide, if everything that we were told about the all new Johnson’s was to the point. The brand had organised a fun session to keep us entertained and perform tests on the products. With my team of MyBabyChakra mommies we conducted a few tests to check on the PH balance of the products, and we were extremely happy and content to see the results.

The team from the Johnson’s and Johnson’s left no question unanswered. And I was happy and satisfied that now I can say with all the trust “ I am not only a Johnson’s baby but I am a Johnson’s Mum too.” I am thankful to team MyBabyChakra for inviting me to this event, and I am happy that I #choosegentle.

If you still have any questions regarding the brand and their products, the brand will be happy to serve. Leave any questions that you have regarding this in the comment section below and I will soon get back with an answer straight from seniors of the brand.

Until then, you chose what’s best for your baby and stay healthy.

Also if you like what you read then do not hesitate to leave your views about this in the comments below and also do not forget to follow us on Instagram @Mamamusings_

Happy Parenting.

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