I Tested It And This is Why I Trust It!

As said – “A mother is born with her child”, everyday is a new learning, you learn to nurse, learn to burp, put them off to sleep and also to clean their diapers.

I am no different than you all, inspite of taking a few pre natal classes, where they talked a little about initial baby care, I was totally blank when I held my daughter for the first time.

Thank god to my stars I had both my mother and my mother in law by my side to help me take care of the little one. First two days at the hospital was a cake walk, every time I pressed the bell button, there came a fairy who would take my new born, clean her and get her back, everytime I fed, she sat for half and hour and burped her. But motherhood begun when I reached home.

My MIL was more than prepared to welcome her little darling. With everything beautiful around, I saw a basket of essentials on my bedside. It had diapers, a pair of clothes, burp cloth, few napkins and a glass jar with warm water and pieces of mul mul fabric. Like a new age Morden mom, I said why this mumma? I am going to use wet wipes for her. That’s when she told me, “are you aware, in most cases, wet wipe is the reason for diaper rashes in baby’s delicate skin?”. She explained further, commonly available wipes are made of polyester, and it is not the best choice for a new born, also these wipes has chemical, which can be harsh on their skin. I was convinced with what she said, but I wanted to check it myself. So I decided to do a flame test with wipes from a popular brand. And I was shocked to see the results, while burning it left a bad odour and the residue was in lumps instead of ashes. I was convinced and stopped using wipes for her, but it was not the best option while travelling or to be used in parties.

Image from google.

My search for a safe and chemical free wipes was still on, and then I came across wipes from Mother Sparsh. It said, made of no polyester and viscous biodegradable fabric and 98% water. I instantly got attracted towards it and wanted to give this a try. But before I used it on my little one I decided to give this one a flame test too. The results were surprising, it took a while to burn the wipes, which showed that it has more water content. There was no odour and the fabric burned into ashes. I was convinced and satisfied with what I was going to use on my child’s skin.

I was now stress free of carrying a glass bottle filled with water, which was always at risk of leakage. Now a soft fabric with 98% water presence in it was available to me in a well packed package. Also, I felt proud about not adding my bit to the landfills as the cloth was bio degradable.

Image from google

If you wish to read more about the brand and the product head on to MotherSparsh. And once you have taken a call, it’s really easy to get your hands on these products you just have to click on this link (https://amzn.to/2LfezjV) and place your order.

I choose Mother Sparsh because it’s: as good as cotton and water, do let me know why you choose mother Sparsh.

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Stay Healthy

Happy Parenting.

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