Why I call this Subscription Box, A Magical Box!

Motherhood is tiring, and it’s difficult to keep a toddler entertained with something new every now and then,  both for a working or stay at home mommy. And this is why kids these days are attracted towards more screen time. In a recent bloggers meet I met a very well known pead Dr. Indu Khosla (currently, practising at cloud nine hospital, Mumbai), according to her, excessive screen time for kids is one of the biggest reason behind learning disability in a child, it also hampers the brain development  and emotional growth of a child.

Being a stay at home mother, I try to plan various DIY activities for my little one. But sometimes social commitments and household chores take all my time, also there are days when both, myself and my little one look forward to something that’s more professionally done, something that’s different than what we are already doing. That’s when a SUBSCRIPTION BOX comes into picture, a subscription box is a well planned activity box sent to your door step every month.

Moving Further, Why opt for a subscription box?

• A subscription box is a well planned box of age appropriates activities for your child.

• It comes with a surprise element that you and your child will love to explore together. It’s important for the parent to enjoy the activity time, in order to make the child have fun and learn at the same time.

• You do not have to run errands to collect supplies for the activity, it saves on your time and energy.

Recently, I got my hands on a subscription  box from Magic Crate, they send age appropriate boxes all across the country. For my 20 month old, they sent us a box called “My Fruit and Vegetable Friends”, it was a perfect one for her age, as we are thorough with all the fruits and vegetables and she loves pretend play with her Toy Kitchen.

So let’s explore this box together and I will tell you in detail about all the three different activities that this particular box had.

Interactive book: Zizi-Jojo Whoop For A Soup. 

This interactive book makes a perfect bed time read, also it’s a good choice to introduce books to your toddler, if you haven’t done that yet. It has various flaps and the book asks your child to spot different fruits and vegetables. This helps the toddler stay involved and does not let them get bored too soon.

Little Ice-Cream Seller:

Loved this pretend play  activity, which lets your child explore the fun of making and selling ice-creams. This comes with a ice-cream box, scoops of ice-creams, a scooper, two cups and cones each, topping cut outs and a menu card.

It lets you bond with your child while you make ice-creams for each other, also it helps them improve their vocabulary by introducing them to different flavours or colours and toppings.

Little Chef:

This is again a wonderful pretend play activity, it helped my daughter learn about healthy eating. She enjoys making a sandwich for everyone, and creates a new sandwich everytime with a different combination of veggies.

This activity comes with different vegetable slices, a piece of omelette, a slice of cheese, a cutout of ketchup patch, bread slices, a plate and a recipe book.

Recipe book has different recipes of sandwiches, this helped her learn to imitate, and follow instructions (ofcourse with my help).

Little Fruit Artist:

This one was her most favourite, it came with a picture book, few fruit stamps, two ink pads, a pouch and a backing sheet.

This ink pads are non toxic and safe for little one to use. Also this introduces your child to stamping, which further helps them in improving hand and eye co-ordination. We had fun stamping on our picture book and then made memories while we stamped floor and even our clothes.

After my personal experience with this box, I feel this is a very well planned age appropriate activity box. The activities are thought keeping in mind the development of a child’s fine motor skills, It encourages a child for creative and imaginative role play. Further more, it lets your child explore his/her interest in areas like art & craft.

The supplies in the box are of very good quality and is completely child friendly, it has no sharp objects which might harm the child.

Activities in the box helps the child have fun and learn at the same time and most importantly while you do this, it helps you strengthen the parent and child bond.

I highly recommend this subscription box to parents who are looking forward to something different and if you wish to work on creative and imaginative side of your child. This box has magically helped us spend some quality time away from screen.

If you wish to buy this for your little one then just click HERE and head to their website. This box is priced at 1200/- INR.

Please feel free to leave any query about this in the comment section below, and if you like what you read then do not hesitate to follow us on Instagram @mamamusings_ for more such fun activities for your little one.

Stay Healthy

Happy Parenting.

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