DIY Halloween Decore & Outfit inspirations.

October, a month that marks the beginning of festivities and wedding season. But in past few years there is something more than weddings and festivals to this month, and that is HALLOWEEN. With globalisation in India, lot of festivals from all over the world are celebrated with full swing and enthusiasm.

Many schools have also started hosting Halloween parties, and markets these days are flooded with Halloween Decore and costumes. But there is something more exciting about creating your own costume and photo backdrop.

Today I am going to share few DIY outfit ideas and also how you can create a beautiful photo backdrop for this Halloween.

So here is the list of supplies that you will need to create this back drop:

Pair of Scissor

Card stock (black, orange and green)

Balloons ( black, white and orange)


Two way tape


And worn off chair

Pair of Fake eye

Orange ribbon

Black Permanent Marker.

Lets get started.

⁃ Cut the card stock papers in any shape of your preference to create a flag hanging.

⁃ To create the spider: Blow a black balloon, and in the front side, stick the pair of eyes. to create the legs of spider, cut thin stripes of black stock paper and stick around the balloon with the help of an adhesive.

⁃ With the help of a black marker draw some spooky faces on orange and white coloured balloons.

⁃ Create a hat with black coloured card stock paper and place it over a balloon.

⁃ On a green or orange stock paper write words of your choice like ( Boo, Trick or Treat, Spooky, Spell the Magic)

⁃ Use and old chair or stool to complete the look.

⁃ Place a few candles around and give the final finishings to the setup. You can use a pumpkin and place the candles inside the pumpkin.

To create the outfit:

Look one:

Take a plain white cloth, cut a round in Center for the neck, and then with the help of a needle and thread or glue gun attach orange ribbons for tie up strings on the shoulders. With the help of a black fabric paint draw a face in the front. And your super cute Halloween outfit is ready to be worn.

Look two:

(Because this outfit is what my daughter is going wear on the 26th, at Halloween party at her school, I will soon upload a picture of that here.)

So moving further, let’s se how can you create this outfit:

⁃ Take strips of net fabric in the colour of your choice (purple, orange, green), start tieing the strips on a black elastic or ribbon. Create a tutu skirt.

⁃ Wear a black tshirt or onesie, and black coloured stockings.

⁃ With the help of a card stock paper or felt, create a witch hat.

⁃ Cover a wooden or plastic stick with black ribbon and make a bunch of small pieces of brown coloured wool. Attach the two things together to create a witch’s broom.

There are hundreds of idea available online to create one look with any supplies that are easily available in your house.

If you find this helpful and if you get inspired by my idea this Halloween do share your pictures, and leave a comment below.

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Until next time

Happy Halloween

Happy Parenting.

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