Complete Guide To Help You Choose The Right Skin Care For Your Baby.

Summers are just around the corner followed by rains, in the humid weather of mumbai, it’s important to wisely choose the right skin care products for your little one. Sensitive baby skin gets affected by extreme weather conditions. You need to change products for your baby’s skin according to the weather. While in winters it’s important to keep the skin moisturised, in summers skin needs to be hydrated along side letting it breath, you need to make sure that the product you use is light on skin. 

As a mother of a child with a hyper sensitive skin, I could never use the old school oil massage to keep her skin moisturised. I was in search for a baby care range that is mild and chemical free yet helps her skin stay clean and moisturised. With millions of options available in market I started my research, and I learned that while choosing products, you should always look for it’s Ph balance. 

Also after speaking to my paediatrician, I learned that baby’s skin is more vulnerable to irritants and take more time to adapt with change in temperature and humidity. Choosing the right baby care range should be done considering the environmental factors, this will help to protect the skin and will keep it moisturised and hydrated. I was suggested to try sebamed baby care range for my little one by my paediatrician, as it’s developed by dermatologists to meet specific needs of your baby’s skin. 

Why Ph level is important while choosing baby care range?

The Ph level indicates the acidity of that product, it’s measured on the scale of 0-14, 0 being the most acidic nature and 14 indicates the alkaline. Ph value 7 indicates neutral, which is also the Ph level of water. The normal Ph value for a human healthy skin is considered to be 5.5, but a baby is born with a skin of Ph value 7, and using any product with a higher ph value of 5.5 can be really harsh on baby’s sensitive skin. Products that are higher in acidity can cause irritation and can take away the natural moisture present in baby’s skin. 

With increasing awareness regarding ph value, almost every product comes with a Ph balance of 5.5, but always look for products that are free from parabens and other chemicals, that might harm your baby’s skin. 

My experience with Sebamed. 

I believe in using the entire skin care range from one brand, starting from pre bath massage oil, body wash, shampoo, followed by moisturiser. I decided to do the same for my child. I directly started with the body wash and shampoo followed by the body lotion and diaper cream.  As advised by my paediatrician to change the product according to the weather, I use the body milk in winters and when in summer I use the body lotion. I see both products work magically on her skin, as the former keeps her skin well moisturised in winters due to its high oil content, while the later keeps the skin hydrated yet is very light on her skin and does not cause any irritation in the humid weather. I choose to continue with same body wash and shampoo through out the year, also I apply diaper rash cream only when needed and same goes for the body talc. 

This entire range of baby care products from sebamed has been really helpful for my baby’s sensitive skin and I honestly recommend this. You can choose and select the product according to baby’s skin type (oily or dry) and the weather. As a new mommy if you feel, this piece of information has helped you choose the right skin care range for your little one, share it with other moms and let’s together help every mother choose the best for their baby’s delicate skin. 

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Happy motherhood

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