Product Review – GAIA Skin Naturals.

There is nothing quite like the soft, delicate skin of a baby. And also, nothing like a cranky infant irritated of a diaper rash or any other skin condition. While your baby looks perfect their skin might not be. Many babies have extra sensitive skin and may be prone to skin irritations.

I found a perfect solution to all the skin related issues of my little one. GAIA Natural baby skin care range. They are Australian made products specifically designed to take care of the delicate and sensitive skin of infant and toddlers. Their are made using naturally derived organic oils and extracts that gently cleanses, moisturizes and soothes skin.

Natural Baby Powder –

This is my favourite baby powder so far. The best part about this is that, it’s a talc free cornstarch formula. The cherry on top is the mild lavender fragrance – makes it smell so fresh . We used to face a lot of nappy rash issues due to excess of moisture in the Happy area and to top it all my little one has extra sensitive skin. All her irritations were comforted by using GAIA Natural Baby Powder. I found it to be an Ideal product for freshening nappy area and protecting against chafing.

As a new mother I tried using this product for myself under the arms, breasts and between the legs to minimise chafing and reduce sweating. And I it really worked for me too.

Naturak Baby Bath & Body Wash :

This is a very calming gel that feels so soft and gentle on baby’s skin. As a new mother I was looking for a baby wash that is soap and sulphate free. GAIA body wash is so mild and gentle on my daughters skin. It leaves her skin so smooth and clean after the bath. The organic fragrance of the essential oils make bath time such a soothing experience. We have been using this everyday for quite some time now and it’s the perfect soap replacement that is pH balanced so it maintains her natural protective oils and prevent dryness.

Natural Baby Shampoo :

GAIA Natural Baby Shampoo was my last resort after trying various product that the market is flooded with for baby care. I was looking for something for a dry scalp. GAIA shampoo is so mild on hair and scalp. It takes care of her flaky scalp.

I have tried many products but they used to sting her eyes and our shampoo sessions would always make our bath time a cranky one. But with GAIA baby shampoo it’s perfect as it does not sting her eyes at all. We now love our bath times.

All the products are designed keeping in mind little ones gentle skin. There are NO artificial fragrances, soap, sulphates, used in any washes, moisturiser, massage oil and wipes. All the products are very effective and I really recommended them for gentle and sensitive skin type.

I would recommend this range of skin care products to all moms. I have ordered it on BabyChakra. The products were sourced directly from the brand and delivered within 7 days from the date of my order placing. Also, I liked the fact that I can opt for any payment (cash/card)method on the delivery of any of the products. So just click on the link below and give these amazing set of products a try.


Do we know the other side of our Miss World 2017?

So everybody around is talking about the new Miss World – Ms Manushi Chhillar. Little did we bother to throw some light on what difficulties she went through and how much hard work does it takes to be an all rounder and represent your country on such a big platform. She has beautifully added feathers to the Indian glory; she got back the crown in the country after a long wait of 17 years.

But is it only her hard work that has made her what she is today? I believe it takes a big heart and a strong mind to let your child who is studying medicine, follow her dream of being in a beauty pageant. From being a doctor to being Miss India and then Miss World is not an easy transition. Where such competitions are still being looked down upon by a particular section of the society in our country, her parents have proved it’s not only about beauty but also about brains.

Raising a multi talented child needs a lot of efforts from a parent’s end. She is a complete package – a dancer, a medicine student, Miss World beauty contest winner. It’s not only an achievement for her but also for her parents and it reflects what rift style of parenting can groom the child into.

Her answer that made her win the title, shows how grounded she is. It’s beautiful to see how she is attached to the values of life and respects her relations. A human who acknowledges motherhood and understands what a mother goes through to bring up her child, has a heart of gold and truly deserves the title of miss world. When she talks about love and respect in terms of cash and salary, it’s amazing to see at such a young age she is mature enough to understand the value of feelings and emotions over the material happiness.

It not only takes beauty and brains but also a very calm and pure heart to win such Pageants. It’s beautiful to see a young girl reflecting the values of her nation. A nation where a mother is worshiped, where a mother is considered to be the highest paid profession, where a mother is respected.

Do you believe in rift parenting too? Will you let your child follow their dreams, if their profession and the dream that they want to follow are two poles apart. When I thought about this as a parent I had no answer for myself for while. Then I realised its important to let them be, to let them follow their heart. In order to let them achieve success in whatever they do.

Also I have realised that I want to raise my child with these values of respecting and acknowledging the kindness around her. Its important for us a parent to make children understand that happiness is not only about materialistic things, we need to raise children who values family, who respects relations.

How motherhood changed me!

There is something miraculous about being a mother. Whether motherhood is a sacrifice or a privilege I am yet to figure out, but it definitely is something I appreciate and wouldn’t I have my life any other way.

I am certainly not the same person I was before having a daughter. Being a mother has changed me for good, it’s difficult to describe in words until you experience it for yourself.

The sacrifices I make in my everyday life as a mother, now feel more like adjustments that I make and feel privileged about making. As a mother I go out of the way to make sure everything falls right in place. Everything is more planned and orrganised in my life now unlike the spontaneous ride before.

Motherhood comes as a constant amazement to me. I once believed I was fearless and more carefree in life, but now motherhood has made me cautious of little things. I am afraid of leaving my baby away for a while, I am in pain if I see her sick or suffering. On the other hand being a mother has also made me much stronger as a person; when it comes to my daughter I can fight with my own self.

I now respect myself more as a woman, I feel it really needs a super human power to nurture a calm and happy child for nine months in your womb. Everyday I want to improve as an individual to be an ideal role model for my daughter. I want to bring in more positivity, stay fit and eat healthy to raise a healthy and responsible individual. I continuously try to make our own little world a better place for her to live in.

Motherhood has made me realise the true definition of being happy is that one extra hug or kiss from my little one. Being a mother is all about putting your child first, it’s about buying a doll house rather than those pair of red shoes you really want and feeling just as ecstatic about it. Now, when I have my feet in my parents shoes I can exactly understand what they did for me and why. I respect them for the happy adjustments they made to make me what I am today as a human being.

The ride up until now has been exhilarating and I can’t wait to see what motherhood has in store for me next. It helped me discover my true inner strength. It has transformed me into a better and more responsible individual. Being a mother makes me want to be so much more than I am.  Motherhood has and will continue to teach me intense and concentrated lessons of life like selflessness, compassion, empathy, courage, endurance, patience, long-suffering, and charity. All I know is, with every passing day it’s proving to be a little more of privilege and a little less of sacrifice.

This post is a part of the blog train- 2 started by Pooja Kawatra of Mums & Babies where she has brought together mothers from across the globe. Do read her blog post on How Motherhood has changed me – and more on the blog train Here-

Music for your little one!

824F329A-1DCE-4920-BEB1-4B27A9220A1EMusic is an essential part of human life. Listening to music is the best therapy to calm our mind and soul. Babies are born with an ability to be able to relate to music. The positive effect that music leaves on humans starts even before birth (if introduced to music in womb).

We all know a mother’s womb is the most secure and cozy place on this planet. It is majorly believed that every human learns I most of its life skills in the womb. A foetus can actively listen and respond to sound from week 24 of gestation. Music plays an important role during pregnancy. It’s extremely healthy for mother and child both. It calms and soothes expecting mother which this leads to a healthy and happy baby later in life.

Their is no specific genre that a mother should forcefully listen to, it can be any music or lullabies that soothes her mind. It’s observed that babies remember music they listened to in the womb for a long time after being born. So it’s definitely a good idea to listen to music while expecting a baby. And later comfort yourself by singing or playing the same music to calm a cranky baby.

It is Always advisable to also sing while carrying your baby in womb rather than just listening, this helps you bond with the baby even before birth. And a mother’s voice is always soothing for babies and contributes in the growth and development of the foetus. Make sure music is not very loud as loud noises disturb babies in womb.

It’s never too early to introduce music into your little one’s life after birth. As you had already begun enriching their life with music when in womb, Now it’s time for you to just start your musical journey and explore new ways to introduce music in their life.

During your early days with your new born, music can be one of the nicest ways to connect, play, and relax for both of you.

As your child grows into a toddler from a baby, Playing music with your child can be great fun and very relaxing, giving you time to create, express yourself, and bond with your baby at the same time.

Music benefits your little one in many ways, here are listed a few:

1• Music helps the brain develop the areas that are used in language and reasoning.

2• Music fosters creativity and self expression.

3• Music encourages movement,  rhythm & timing which aids in gross & fine motor development.

4• Music can develop problem solving skills, resulting in better command over mathematics later in life.

You don’t have to own lots of instruments, a variety of things can be made at home such as rattles or a simple drum made from a shoebox or create music with utensils in your kitchen.

Music is creativity, let it flow, enjoy your musical journey with your little one and let the bond strengthen for life.

A Spiritual Journey of Nine Months.

Like all moms I wanted to plan my baby too!! I wanted one more year and a few more vacations before i settle down with a completely new life.. but destiny had different plans for us. When I discovered the big news of my life. I was not ready to accept it at all. But the excitement and twinkle in my husband’s eyes, made me give it a second thought.

With every passing day I was being more and more stressed about the whole pregnancy thing. I was worried about how will the whole thing go. Until one day when my doc spoke to me for a while and told me “u just have 190 days left with your little one inside you, either you live it up totally and do all u can or you continue to sit and think over about how is it going to be.” That was it, there began my “spiritual journey of nine months which was exactly 190 days”.

Everybody around was so happy and I started noticing and enjoying the happiness around me. I started enjoying the pampering, the small little Gestures that everyone around me made to make this journey beautiful and comfortable for me.

People adviced me to read religious books but I was the spiritual one. I heard and chantedOM, Gayatri Mantra. I read books like You Win, Chanakya Neeti (people told me Chanakya Neeti makes a person cunning, and I replied I want a smart baby). I did a lot of Coloring (helps in developing creativity in the child), did a lot of Sudoko (helps in brain development of the child) I use to listen to Mozartwhen sleeping. Wrote a few books 📚 with Gayatri mantra. Also I read a lot of leadership articles, few articles on being positive in life, and also about how to live a healthy and happy life. Heard lot of rhymes, did lot of puzzles. And it was reliving a life like a child.

My husband who is poles apart of all this contributed his bit to it and kept his calm and we played word games together, we played various board games (it was my belief that the baby will also be interested in the activities that I do during this phase). I communicated with my baby about every small thing that I did in the day. I communicated about everything I use to eat or see. I sung her lullabies every night before we went off to sleep.

I did a lot of social work, help children study, met lovely people in old age homes, inshort contributed my bit to the society and all this gave me happiness and blessings to my little one.

I have no idea how much of all this actually will make a difference in her life as an individual but I had trust in what I was doing. People called me old school for doing all this in today’s world but I just wanted to do all I can for our first journey together of nine months.

I hope I made us special enough for her!!

Doctor or Fairy God Mother!

Today I am going to write about a person who has played a very important role in my life. She is a real super hero.. yes I call her my Fairy God Mother after I conceived my little princess.

So let me introduce you to my gynaecologist Dr. Rekha Agrawal. My story with her started long before I conceived and always I knew she will be the one for me.

The day I got the big news, I wasn’t ready for it; I thought this was not just the right time. It takes a right person with a certain kind of power to explain and convince a confused and stressed person who is about to make the biggest descision of their life. And she was the right person for me.

Further in my pregnancy, I was a stressed primee diagnosed with hyper tension. There she played the role of my mother -disciplined me to deal with things in my life with firmness. She actually taught me how to zone out all the advice that pregnant women get from everywhere around and just focus on what’s important for me. She was the one who made me realise nothing other than my little one should be more important to me right now.

It’s very important for a patient to confine in their doctor. She knows exactly how to maintain the doctor and patient relationship. She could easily read between the lines and sense what I was trying to convey.

I gradually started enjoying my pregnancy and it was only because of her. I started enjoying my monthly visits, I would always book the last appointment for the day and she would patiently sit and have a small chat with me over a cup of coffee. That few minutes of chit chatting with my Doctor had so much power. It made me feel happy, confident and energenitc to deal with all the pregnancy blues.

I enjoyed sharing my journey of nine months with her, she is always one of the finest memories from my pregnancy days. Of course she is a wonderful doctor but most importantly she is a wonderful human being. The best statement I learned from her which I now tell all my pregnant friends is ” you are not sick or ill you are pregnant, so just enjoy and stay active”.

Thankyou so much for making my preagnancy a wonderful experience

An over possessive mother!

An over possessive mother. Yes that’s what I am normally referred to as these days. But do I really care? When it comes to my baby everything around is not just as important. What people think of me does not really matter.

It all started with the day we got her home, my husband and I were very strict about hands being sanitised before anyone would touch her. But many times people misunderstood our love and precaution and termed us over protective parents.

There were times the little kiddy sweethearts of our extended family would get all excited to see and hold a tiny little baby in their hands. However we were too scared to let them hold our little world in their not so experienced hands. We were again called insensitive towards the innocent feelings of those little children and a super possessive couple for their new born.

We were and are still very particular about her sleep 😴. If she is asleep I personally do not like to wake her up on purpose. Nothing in this is world is really worth disturbing her sleep. But there are people visiting who really want to spend some time with her and feel how does it matter if she wakes up an hour early from her nap. I am sorry but I simply won’t allow that.

Being a new mom, I panic even at the chance of minor infections and a little fever and I I want to rush to a doctors asap! I am being judged there too!! “Bacchcho ke Saath yeh sab chalta hai”! I am sorry I can’t take it so lightly!!

Often I am told if I continue this behaviour there will be a time when no body will want to spend time with her. But I don’t think so! If she is really important to you, you will understand. I am a mother who is just a little more worried about her child, I am inexperienced, I want to take precaution, I want to avoid accidents. With time I will probably settle down and let her be!! I might be possessive for the world but that’s what I am that’s my way of loving her.

There were only a few set of people who really understood my feelings and intenssions behind my over possessiveness. And I seriously thank them for being so supportive.

Everybody has their own style of parenting, judging them or naming them with terms like over possessive or being careless is just not acceptable.

Have you ever experienced a similar situation in your parenting journey??