First Day At Play School!

The bag is packed, her clothes are sorted and I have half prepped for her snack box. It’s a very unusual feeling, I am certainly very excited but at the same time I am very anxious and restless. May be the separation anxiety in me is making me over think, I keep telling myself “it’s okay, Every child goes through this and she is no special, relax she will be fine”. Did this happen to you too? Oh! By now you must have guessed how lost I am right now, I did not mention, it’s her big day tomorrow, her first day to play school on her own.

Even though in the past I felt like its taking forever for this day to get here, but today when it’s finally here, I can’t believe she is big enough to start her school. I cannot wait to wave her goodbye and see her walk through that door, though I’m sure it’ll be through tears…mine not hers. I wonder what she will be thinking and feeling sitting in that big seat all alone. She isn’t going to know anyone; not one person. But I also know, she will be comfortable and her curiosity to learn new things will help her sail through, after all it’s the beginning of the bigger things in her life.

Parenthood with a lot of happiness and special moments brings in responsibilities, and We want what is best for our children, especially where their education is concerned. So we thought a lot about what kind of school to send her to. And here I have listed a few factors that we considered while making a choice, hope these will help you make a decision for your little one.


Choosing a school around my vicinity was one of the most important factor. I feel the child is already tired if they have to travel for an hour before reaching the school. Also, it’s very important, for the school to be quickly accessible in case of any emergencies.

Parent Involvement:

I was always more keen on a school following a open book policy, where they believe in working as partners for the over all development of the child.


As an individual I had no specific preference for the teaching method (not a fussy parent about following Montessori or Reggio approach), I just believed in letting them learn with fun, and let them explore.


I always preferred for a school with a lot of sky light and enough open space for kids. I wanted a school with less furniture and more space for them to explore. Ofcourse, high quality educational toys and child friendly furniture is needless to mention, as most of school adhere to these concerns of parents.


School these days are well equipped with safety equipments like finger print or retina scan door locks and other such things and also a team of well trained staff. But Another critical safety concern is how the school keeps track of students at drop and dispersal time.


Most preschool programs are for 3 hours only, that fits my criteria. Being a work from home mother I was not very keen for a play school that functions for a longer duration. I wanted to engage her in some free play time at home and take enough rest. As there is already a tough life awaiting ahead to spend long hours at school and later at work.

After considering all the above factors we shortlisted a few schools, and in the end once we decided on Safari kids, the atmosphere seemed warm and joyful, the wooden furniture in big spacious room with enough sky light, the hygiene and cleanliness was a treat to eyes. I was happy and I almost made my decision. After speaking to teachers about the teaching methodology and other philosophy of the school we made a final call.

However happy with the school I may be, her first day to school is still a very big deal for me. she is my little girl, but this is the beginning of her big girl life and even though she might be ready, I’m not sure that I am. I am more excited about the moment when she walks out of that door with a smile and I will wait for her with a warm tight hug and hopefully not more tears.

On this note, let me know about how you felt on your child’s first day to school, and what factors did you consider as a Parent while choosing a play school?

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Happy Parenting.


Power packed recipes for your toddler!

We as mothers are always worried about if our child is taking a balanced diet, a balanced is something when it is a perfect blend of nutrients, carbs, proteins, vitamins, iron.

There are different school of thoughts where people have their opinion on not giving dairy products to children or avoiding carbs. But in my personal opinion, children are growing and they need a balance of everything in their diet.

Motherhood is challenging and the most challenging task is to feed, when your child is a fussy eater or picky about his/her taste or choice of food. But we as moms have to be smart enough, to hide those healthy and power packed nutritious ingredients in a fancy looking dish. So today I am going to share two such recipes which your child will relish and you will do a happy dance for serving healthy food.

Surprise Inside.

I feel the name of the dish should be interesting enough for them to just dig in. So this is a chickpea and sweet potato cutlet stuffed with some goodness of cottage cheese.


Boiled sweet potato: 1/2 cup.

Boiled Chickpeas: 1 cup.

Cottage cheese: 1/2 cup.

Seasoning: salt, roasted cumin power, a dash of chat masala and few drops of lemon.

Ghee: just a few drops.


Mix mashed sweet potato and mashed chickpeas in a bowl and add the seasoning. Then make flat rounds and fill small portion of cottage cheese, further roll and make small coin shaped cutlets.

Once all the cutlets are made, roast them on a non stick pan with just a few drops of ghee until golden brown.

Serve warm with non spicy green chutney or hung curd and carrot salad (sauté grated carrot in few drops of olive oil and rai with some grated ginger and curry leaves).

This recipe will take care of the proteins, fibre, carbs and folate.

Magic Muffin!

I love to call it magic muffin as it’s filled with a magic of all the goodness and healthy food. So this is an oats and banana muffin.


Ripe banana: 2 ( I use the small ones, also called as ilaichi kela)

Whole wheat flour: 1 cup.

Oats: 1 cup. ( I used the instant cooking Quaker Oats)

Sugar: 1/4 cup. ( I want to keep it less sweet, if you like you can take 1/2 cup)

Baking power: 1 tsp

Baking soda: 3/4 tsp

Cooking oil: 3 tbsp

Milk: 1/2 cup (needed as per the consistency of the bater)

Vanilla extract: I used one vanilla stick ( must be around 10 drops or 1 tsp)


Put your oven to preheat, line and add the cup cake case to your muffin moulds. In a mixing bowl mash the banana, and add all the liquid ingredients except milk. Then add the oats and other dry ingredients. Slowly and gradually add milk until you get a thick bater like consistency. Mix well and with the help of a round spoon add the bater in the moulds. Let it bake in the oven for around 15 mins and do a tooth pick test, if needed bake further for 7 more minutes. Tadaaaa your healthy magic muffins are ready. Let it cool and serve with fresh berries and do not forget to dust some sugar on top.

This sweet delight is packed with fibre, carbs, fat, and banana gives it calcium and iron.

Do try these for your little one and let me know how did they like it.

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Mother to a one year old? Be prepared for this!

It’s been four months since I celebrated the survival of my one year into motherhood. That one year turned my life upside down, but undeniably it was worth it. I watched her smile for the first time, hold her neck, roll over and sit, crawl and then walk like a pro. Firsts are always special, but today I want to share what you can expect from this second year into motherhood.

1. I do not see myself researching every little detail like I did when she was an infant. I mostly go with my gut and it works.

2. Carrying them in your arms or wearing Is always more convenient. I was eager to watch her take her first steps, but never knew it would be so difficult to match up to her pace. (Sometimes I even wish I could do back to the days when, I made her sit on one spot and that’s exactly where she would stay.)

3. That second nap was never so tough. But be ready for a major change in their sleep game. Atleast this is what happened in our case. My advice would be, make it one nap a day to make the bedtime less difficult.

4. Be prepared for their likes and preferences, and they may even throw a tantrum for the same. And in our case this has only happened after the big ONE. (Today she threw a tamtrum because, the bigger piece of her stacking game would not fit into the smaller one, like seriously?)

5. Expect a daily dose of cuteness when they start speaking words and adorably mispronounce it. In our case cutest is Animal and she adorably calls it aminal. ( My advice here would be inspite of the cuteness these words have, always make it a point to correct their pronunciation, this will help them develop clear speech.)

6. You will be showered with lots of hugs and kisses as they learn to express love and emotions. Be prepared for all the cutesy heart melting moments when they come running to hug you just like that. (My favourite is, Everytime I act as if I am crying, she would love me and hug me to console me. And then call the monkey if I am not quite soon.)

7. Do not expect much help from people around you. In my observation, after the first year of motherhood, people kind of assume you can manage it all. Most of the times it’s understood as you have got the thing down and they might not offer any help.

8. Mommy friends will be your new best friends, you will see yourself more often on a play date than a movie afternoon or a brunch with your girls.

9. By now you will know that 75% is the new 100%. I have learned this over the year that there can never be a perfect moment in life but there are a lot of real ones.

10. Lastly, the neighbourhood aunties and the distant relatives will bombard you with questions about whether or not you want a second child, and advice you with how good it is to have less age gap between your two kids. (My advice would be, you will find the answer within yourself, find a way to politely change the subject and move on in the conversation.

New borns are indeed precious but not as much fun as a toddler. Don’t rush this age, they are growing up fast and will be independent even before we know it. Remember it is your child and all they need is your time and love.

No matter what age your child is, motherhood is always strenuous and blissful at the same time. And nothing can actually prepare us for the reality of being a mother to an infant, a toddler, a teenager or an adult. Because motherhood can only be lived as it comes.

Good luck fellow mommies, you have got this.

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I am my toddler’s PLAYMATE, Are You?

Children grow and learn fastest in the first two years. From a new born who can see blurr images into a toddler who is firm about his/her choices and preferences. Children have a tendency to learn most easily while playing because it’s fun, most importantly at this age when they have people around them that they identify with and have an understanding.

Playing is a very crucial aspect of your child’s growth both emotionally and mentally, they learn to express their emotions and feelings. And that’s why I prefer to be a PLAYMATE to my daughter. I feel it’s essential to be your child’s playmate as it really helped me build that bond with my princess.

So Out of my personal experience of playing with my little one and learning gradually about how to improve our play time, here are few Important things to keep in mind while you play with your child.

Let them choose: I always let her choose the game. This helps me keep her occupied for a longer time, and we always begin with what and how she wants to play with. And then sometimes I try and teach her the right way of playing with that particular toy or a particular game.

Get down on floor: It’s always important to relive your childhood while playing with your children. I get down on the floor when we play Ring – A – Roses, to keep it real, I always make it tough for her to find me when we play Hide n Seek. I get my hands equally messy when we finger paint, and when we are at beach playing in sand. Also this makes them feel equally involved just like you.

You should enjoy the game too: While playing with your child it’s important for you to enjoy the game too. As a child loves to repeat things, and repetition lead to boredom in adults. This will divert your attention to your phone or the other chores that you must have finished instead of playing. It’s important to plan the playtime accordingly so that you enjoy it too.

Teach them to be a good playmate: Make sure to train your child to play with a company while you play with them. Teach them to take turns, encourage them to share their toys with you. Also most importantly let them loose a game, they should be made accustomed to the feeling of loosing and winning both in order to enjoy playing with their age group. You can train them to be a wonderful playmate while playing with them.

Keep your gadgets away: Being a mom blogger I always get tempted to capture every small and big moments to get some food for my grid. But I strictly keep my gadgets away for sometime in the day when I am playing with her. Undivided attention is the key to get them doing and enjoying the activity. And most importantly it helps me focus only on the play.

Have patience: Being your toddler’s playmate isn’t a days work. It takes time and sometimes a lot of jumping around like a monkey. Try and begin with a more unstructured and fun playtime either water play, sand play, role play, basically anything that your child will love to play with.

By doing this, you’ll be well on your way to teaching a toddler how to be a good playmate. Also you can make memories for your lifetime, as it’s best to spend a little more time with them before they are not little any more.

Share with me your favourite playtime memory, or the favourite game that you two enjoy playing the most.

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Untill then, Be a Happy and a Fun Playmate.

Learning begins when in womb! 10 things I did to begin this with Mi.

I assumed a new born child to be a clean slate, unmarked by life, until I nurtured and shaped one myself in my womb, influenced by particularly the environment I lived in during my pregnancy days.

And why not believe in this, we have mythological stories from Mahabharata about Abhimanyu learned the skill to break Chakrvyu in his mother’s womb. In modern time there have been studies conducted to prove that learnings begin when in womb.

Earlier it was believed that, newborns begin to discriminate between language sounds within their first months of life. But scientists have disgcovered, that Babies start to learn language before they are even born. It is said that babies have the capacity to learn and remember elementary sounds of their language from their mother during the last 10 weeks of pregnancy.

When I was expecting Mi, my mom always emphasised on the importance of grooming my child when in womb. As the nature and personality of a child is somewhere influenced by the environment that the expecting mother lives in. I would honestly accept that I did not believe in reading religious books, which is the most common advice given to pregnant lady in India. But I definitely wanted to be spiritual enough.

I gave in all my efforts I could to groom her, here is a list of few things I did when I expected Mi, I have no idea if the ideology I had behind doing all this was right or wrong. But I tried to incorporate a little bit of everything that I felt an individual must have in herself/himself.

•. I did a lot of colouring, picked up crayons and just coloured any random colouring book I found. I believed that colouring might improve the creative side of my baby. And most importantly colours made me feel happy and energetic.

• I read a lot of cute and fun story books. I am a major dreamer, I dream all the time. Day dreaming about happy things happening in life brings me happiness. I read a lot of fairy tales and it would take me in a beautiful imagination and I felt destressed. Reading Cinderella and frozen were my most favourite.

• I played a lot of word games and solved some grammar exercise work sheets. Also solved a lot of sudoku and other puzzles. I believed this would gift my child with a very good problem solving ability.

• Picked up a topic of my choice related to management, leadership, or anything of that sought. This might sound a little over the top to many of you but I felt I should not leave any corner untouched from my end.

• I have read books like ‘You Win” and “Chanakya Niti” when I expected Mi. When I started reading Chanakya Niti I was flooded with comments like Chanakya was a very cunning one and your child might have an influence of it. Even today I dunt know if it was a good decision but I did because I felt like it might benefit my child in some way I am sure.

• I also practised some handwriting skills like calligraphy, did one page everyday. Also, I am a Marwadi and i feel bad I can’t speak the language. I always wanted my child to know the language and I decided to learn a little bit of Marwadi everyday (Mi shows no sign of understanding it any bit yet, but I hope she does soon).

• My yoga instructor always advised me to converse with Mi about every small and big things I did through out the day. I named the food I ate, the flowers I smelled and spoke about the people I met.

• I had a list of instructions about how calm and composed as an individual she is going to be. I repeatedly gave these everytime during our bonding time just before I slept both in afternoon and night. It works just like the positive commands you give to the subconscious brain of a child after the child is fast asleep.

• Everytime I slept there to use to be a soft classical music or hanuman chalisa playing in background, as it really helped me sooth myself and also it’s believed that the waves of Mozart connecting with the waves of brain of the child helps in the over all development of the brain.

• I had decided to keep away from all the television drama sequels and made sure to watch only shows related to cooking or lifestyle (as that interests me the most) and craft or just heard some good music.

The list is endless, there are a lot of things I did to shape a very well balanced individual. This is an experiment for myself to see if learning in womb actually works.

Let me know in the comments below what do you think about grooming and shaping your child when in womb.

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My experience with Mom’sMemoirs – Wear her Care.

Becoming a mother was a feeling of joyousness, I felt empowered and exhilarated to create and nurture a human life inside me.

My Love for my daughter is so different from the love I have for anyone else in this world. The feeling when I held her for the first time can never be put into words, I feel like she is just an extension of me.

It’s been 15 months since that day and It feels like it all went by in the blink of an eye. I wish that there was a way to save the precious little things and moments I shared with her, just to let her know how I felt when that piece of cord stump fell (the life giver to her when she was in my womb) and how our bond grew stronger with every breast feed session.

To answer my wishes came Saakshi Mehra from Mom’sMemoirs. She promised me to preserve the most precious gems of my life, my breast milk, her cord stump, her first curl and her first tooth. Yes, she said she can do it and I believed in her. She came up with a concept of Wear her Care, jewellery made up of Brest Milk, cord stump, first curls and first tooth. Yes! You read it right.

Unfortunately I could not feed my daughter for a really long time. But I chose to wear her cord stump close to my heart and pass it on as the most precious jewel that I would love to inherit to her. I fell in love with the concept and we begun our discussions on designs and colour of this invaluable piece.

Very soon I received a package from Sakshi with an instruction card on how to package her cord stump and send it back safely. In only a few days, Saakshi sent me the work in progress picture. The cord stump was transformed into a very beautiful drop shaped pendent. To add more glitter to it Saakshi took extra efforts and added a pink glittered star.

And very soon I received my most precious double charms pendent. Cord Stump infused Drop of Life charm sprinkled with a hint of gold glitter along with a pink glittery star. I felt special, this is the most precious jewel I have ever owned.

I have captured my memories that only come once in your life but can last forever, in the form of precious gems. You can choose to get this professionally preserved jewellery in gold or silver, in the form of rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks and tie pins. It is the most precious mementos for a father, mother, son or a daughter.

Like every mother wants to inherit her favourite gems to her children, I know how special this would be when she grows up to be a mother and feels the similar love that I felt for her.

If you also want to capture your love and special moments in the form of a precious jewel and inherit it to your children or keep it close to your heart, head over to Moms&Memoirs or connect with Saakshi Mehra at # 9820397473

Happy Motherhood!

Baby Wearing for stress free parenting.

Baby wearing in olden days was used by labourers and farming women, who wore their babies in slings made of sarree, the concept faded out as prams, strollers and car seats came along.

But baby wearing slowly gained back its acceptance among parents, when medical studies showed that babies who are carried cry less and are more content, than those who are held less frequently.

Inspite of being a new age parent, I was completely aloof from the concept of wearing your baby. For me a baby carrier was just to be used while travelling, until I got introduced to Baby wearing as a parenting hack to survive motherhood smoothly.

Our journey of baby wearing begun when we received our soul sling pepper mint full buckle carrier with a pair of soft soul shoes for Missha.

How has Baby wearing helped me?

Wearing her has been the key to happy and stress free motherhood. I really cannot imagine a calm moment without baby wearing when shopping or traveling with her. Also my daily routine activities happen more smoothly when I wear her and she is assured of having all my attention.

Specially on bad days when she is unwell, wearing her close to me helps her with calming influence of my heartbeat. This makes her feel more secure and contribute to a more speedy recovery.

Most importantly baby wearing has elevated my bonding with her which majorly helped me ease postpartum depression.

Why I chose soul sling full buckle carrier?

Fabric quality:

The first thing that makes baby wearing comfortable is a soft fabric of the carrier. I was impressed by the quality of fabric, it looks so breathable and perfect for the humid weather in Mumbai. Also, all their products are made up of hand woven cotton or linen which has a tendency to get softer with every use.


This factor plays a very important role, all the carriers from soulsling are ergonomicaly safe. This comes with two way shoulder adjustment straps and sliding back/chest adjustment straps. It also distributes the weight evenly on my body which protects my shoulders and back from extra stress. Also, the buckles and straps feel very gentle on my body, yet firm and are well made for the safety of my baby.

Ease of use:

I can wear my full buckle carrier both in front and at the back. Initially it took me a little while to get that perfect fit, but once I got use to it, it’s now extremely easy to wear. You can also consult a baby wearing specialist to assist you with the right way of wearing your baby or watch a demo video on YouTube before you start.

Other features:

Full buckle carrier can be used for your infant (6 kgs) to toddler (18 kgs). It has a hood in front with a pull string to protect the baby from direct sun.

It’s priced at 8750/- finding it pricy? this is an investment, because baby wearing is like wearing a hug from your baby. And you can spend even your last penny to get that one more hug from your little one. Isn’t it?

This refreshingly minty peppy linen carrier is an anytime pick me up, grab yours here, Availability .

And, let me know about your thoughts on Babywearing, and how this has helped you?

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Happy Baby Wearing

The Sunshine Book!

Toddlers seem to have endless energy that can often leave you desperate for ways to keep them occupied. Instead of using the little bit of energy you have left with to search for ideas, arm yourself with this busy book with many toddler activities sewn together.

You may call it Busy book, Quiet book or a Cloth/Felt book, concept remains the same. This is a series of fabric and felt pages containing age appropriate activities to entertain infants and toddlers.

I have used a quite book with different textures for my daughter to work on her sensory skills, when she was an infant.

And now we are using this amazing book with a target to focus on skills like matching, sorting, imaginative play. You can also introduce skills like lacing, tieing, braiding, using zipper.

This sunshine book by MermaidsandDinos cover topics like matching colours, shapes, counting numbers, helps spend some time spinning stories with finger puppets. Also work on the hand and eye coordination with the help of a magnetic fishing activity. It lets the child explore the concept in their own way. The designer of MermaidsandDinos believes “there is no correct way to play with a quiet book”, also it’s known that open ended play allows them to build their stories and create their own games.

This wonderful and compact size play activity book comes to our rescue when we need a quiet activity while waiting at the doctor’s and also when we need to keep our little ones busy while stuck in traffic for long hours. It’s a perfect replacement for carrying several toys to keep them occupied. Also I am impressed by the quality and neatness of the book. This is a 100% sewn book, none of the parts of the book is glued. Which makes the book more durable and can be passed on to the next sibling. Also this is one of the best gift solution for babies and toddlers.

In the video below watch my daughter having a quiet and playful time with her cousin, this book is our all time favourite and keeps us entertained.

Have you ever used a quiet book for your little one to keep them engaged for a while? Head over to mermaidanddinos, grab one for your little muffin and let them explore and learn in their own way.

What’s your worth?

On a beautiful afternoon, while i took my little one out to the park for a stroll i ran into an old friend.

Him: Hey! its been so long,

Me: yeah its really been a long time. How you doing?

Him: I am doing very good, What are you upto?

Me: currently, I am a stay at home mommy to this little muffin.

Him: Aww she is adorable, but tell me something are you worth just to be a Stay at home parent?

And i was numb for a moment,  but i smiled and wrapped up the conversation with an approval to catch up for a coffee sometime soon. Since then something made me uncomfortable for the next few weeks, and that was a four letter word in his sentence JUST. It that made me question if I was doing enough for my life. It made me rethink my goals and aspirations and I wondered, have i become unproductive in life? am I barely just raising my child, looking after a family, and running a household. After being disturbed and distracted for quite a few days, while I was reading an article on self worth,  I realized Sometimes we like to measure our worth as moms based on a bunch of external variables. Can someone truly quantify the worth of a woman?  The truth remains that our worth as woman and as mothers is immeasurable. We are making a difference to the society by raising a responsible human. When you start feel “is that really big deal? Every mommy does it” remind yourself the  old saying that says, “the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.” I think there is a lot of truth in this saying!!!

Never underestimate the power that is within you, women and mothers are some of the most valuable and powerful influences of this world. I want to congratulate myself and all you women and mothers for the love and devotion we display towards our children and family. Lets Be encouraged that all those hard times, sleepless nights, long days, trips to the doctors, cooking a four course meal, cleaning up after them, running them around to all their activities, a house full of hungry friends & family and arguments with strong willed family members. These are all completely worth it when Someday you and I will look back and say we did it.

I want to encourage all of you fellow mothers that as you give up on yourself and invest into your children’s lives, be confident, that you are a World Developer and World Changer, even when it doesn’t feel like you are because you are a MOTHER and before that you are a woman!

I made a promise to myself that i don’t need someone else to acknowledge to my self worth to make it real. And I don’t want to look elsewhere for affirmation of my value as a woman or mother. Are you with me on this? Share with me your take on this.

As the world celebrates the International Women’s day , we the bunch of bloggers have come together with Neha from, Deepali from and Anubhuti from to rejoice this spirit of womanhood.

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Letter to my Darling Daughter!

My darling Mi,

Motherhood is the most wonderful thing ever happened to me. I can’t thank the heaven enough to bless me with a daughter. You are my greatest treasure, you painted my canvas with different shades of pure love, happiness, joy, laughter, care, sometimes frustration and worry too. This WOMEN’S DAY I wanted to write to the most special female in my life.

As a child it might not mean so much to you now, but I am sure in future, it will! Raising you into a strong headed and soft hearted woman is my plan. As a mother and most importantly as a woman I can’t promise to bless you with expensive gemstones and luxurious closet but I will gift you with EDUCATION. Education is the secret key to success, without this you will lack – for knowledge, for independence and for well being. Your education will empower you, it will be your strength. With it, you will know your rights, make your own decisions. It will help you walk through the difficult times in life (though I wish for you to never see it). It will give you a voice, and will make sure you are heard.

My dear daughter one very important thing I would want to tell you being a woman, a wife and a mother is Be proud of being a woman. We are amazing. In today’s world both men and women are equal but I want you to celebrate that difference which make us great and the powers that only we as women are blessed with.

I will give you the eyes to identify your dreams and will always strengthen your wings to chase them and fly high. You will be ALL woman and still rule the corporate world – should that be your dream. But my dear I also want you to believe in love, the power of marriage and in the magic of motherhood as only a woman is blessed to be a JANANI. I hope you someday will get to experience the power of being one and feel the same joy, frustration, happiness and love that children bring too. It is all worth it.

I can only hope, as a woman sharing my feelings to someone who will one day be one, that I’ve done a good job, raised you with confidence, intelligence, empathy and grace.

Happy Women’s Day my Favourite Female.


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