It’s Your ME-TIME Mommy!

The moment I saw those two red lines on my pregnancy test strip, I was confused!

I was happy, but I was afraid, I had no idea what I was getting into. I knew it is not going to be a cake walk, but gradually after a few ultrasound sessions I wanted to face this. All I wanted was, to be a mother to the little one in my womb. I was eagerly waiting to meet this soul more than anything.

Motherhood is beautiful, I have found my happiness for life after being a mother. But also the other side of it is crazy hard and I would still love to be a mother willingly all over again.

Being a mother, I found it is increasingly difficult to find time for myself and do things just for me. This New Years I made a promise, “I would make time for myself”. I feel it’s really important to do things, that you like. Because if you do not, you will be a person who have it all, but is still unhappy. And being a mother, it’s important to be happy in order to raise happy children.

Just a thought of taking some me time might over burden you with all that mom guilt. But hey ! You are not just a mom. You are a friend, you are a wife, you might be a singer, a painter, a chef, a lawyer. Being a mom is indeed the most important responsibility, but it’s not all that defines you. What you were as a person before being a mom has made you what you are today. You need to be connected to what you were, as one day you may have to or want to wear your old hat again.

Babies grow up in the blink of an eye, you will not realise when your tiny bird will be all prepared to fly on their own. If you don’t have interests and activities that fill you up outside of raising your children, you are going to feel very lost and alone.

You can’t help your child if you haven’t filled up your heart with life-giving oxygen. The more you fill up your personal fulfilment, the more you are able to pour into your children. Regularly, taking time for yourself helps you to be a better mom.

  • So dress up mommy, go for that long due coffee with your best friend.
  • Take time out for a long bubble bath, with your favourite Bollywood magazine.
  • Pamper yourself with a massage session, a pedicure and get that pretty nail art done.
  • Write the book that you are wanting to, since a long time.
  • Book your tickets for a movie night, with your girl gang.
  • Dress up your best and indulge in some retail therapy.

Whatever it is that you want to do, just live that moment to the fullest. Do not let that mom guilt ruin your time. Everything that you have to do, will be either taken care of or will be right there when you get back. Take my words, everything will be ok when you indulge in some me time. Trust me, it’s totally worth it, you will be a better person and a more happier and fulfilled momma to your children.


Let them be free – but in Moderation.

31D2F975-691A-4B16-8840-46505AE615B1Being a parent has made me discover a new side of me, an over protective person. I believe many times, as a parent I hover the little one out of fear. Many of you might relate to this, do you also feel scared of raising your child in a wold where everyday you hear a about kidnapping case, child abuse and bullies. If you feel world was a much more secure place when you were a kid, we have mutual thoughts mommy. But our duty as parents is to not just protect them but prepare them.

I believe kids are more safe and secure when they are supervised in their activities. But it’s also important to make them independent, they need to learn how to solve problems and regulate their own actions. For this, Children Need Freedom.

Also I strongly believe, freedom once given is very difficult when taken back.

03AE1980-0E55-41BA-8473-EBD99B19B2D1To this when I think of giving freedom to my little one, I believe Freedom In Moderation is what they really need.

Making them understand the good and bad side of every action will help them take a more evaluated decision in any given situation. Moderation in freedom will increase the flexibility in their behaviour.

For instance, i many a times see kids being influenced with the things that their friends do. They might want to eat junk just because their friends might do it. You can’t completely keep them away, instead choose to give them the freedom to do things in moderation. This will help them choose to do such things when they really want to do it (and not because they see their friends doing it) and be in control.

Also by giving freedom in moderation you will make them self disciplined. It’s always easier to control behaviour when you are free to do things or when you choose to not do it. On the other side when you are constrained from doing things, you might want to do it more, in some cases just out of anxiety to know why are you constrained from doing it.

How much freedom should be given to kids is the most thought about topic amongst parents. Freedom is a matter of concern with new parents, parents of a toddler and parents to teen aged children too. For me Freedom In Moderation in what I believe in, not only for my child but I practise the same on self too.

Share with me, what is your take on giving freedom to children. This blog post is a part of #LetsDiscussFreedom Blogathon. I would like to thank Sunita from <SunitaSaldhana>for introducing me. I would now like to introduce Sumira Bhatia from < Cuckoosnest > and recommend you to read her views on the prompt, ‘Your Take On Giving Freedom To Kids’.



What Freedom Means to Me!

6EDD183B-36E5-4A22-A542-0B81E0233CC3Freedom for a layman is the right to speak, think or worship, but for me freedom is a little more than just being free to do whatever I want. Fortunately, I am blessed to not be in a hard enough situation to even achieve a more basic level of freedom of thought where we know ourselves and do what we want to. Instead, we do what we think our parents, our friends, our bosses, or society dictates. For me freedom is a much greater deal than all these things and it’s at a different altitude.

Freedom for me earlier was, when I got to select the field of my education and switch it when I was not comfortable with it and my parents did not judge me for it.

Freedom for me was, when I got to hold on to a demanding and challenging job and quit it just because I wanted to take a break for some time and I wasn’t judged for it.

Freedom for me was, when I got a choice to learn the household chores because it was of my interest and not because it was a prerequisite.

Now, Freedom for me is feeling secure while I walk on a lonely road at midnight.

Freedom is when I get to plan a trip after marriage with my set of friends without being questioned much on the details.

Freedom for me is being able to raise my voice in defence of anyone in need without a fear of getting myself affected for doing so.

Freedom for me is not being judged when I choose to be a stay at home mama and leave my career aside for a while.

Freedom for me is not being judged for my messy bun, shabby brows and mom style dressing.

Freedom for me is being free from the guilt (specially momguilt) of not being able to live up to the expectations or taking a break from responsibilities and duties once in a while.

Freedom for me is not being judged on my parenting style which has a lot of extra pampering with a little screen time.

Freedom for me is when I let my little one be free and take her time to learn things. Choosing to let her stay away from the rat race of being the best and as quick as you can.

Freedom for me is being free from the social pressures and take decision that bring true happiness to my heart.
Above all this the most important thing which I need to seek freedom from is, freedom from my fear.Freedom from the fear of being a perfectionist. Freedom from fear of loosing things or people in life. I want to live a free life, Life that is adventurous, full of little moments that make memories for life. Freedom for me is exploring the world with no restrictions and boundaries, with no deadlines and pressure of performance.

This blog post is a part of #LetsDiscussFreedom Blogathon. I would like to thank Sunita from <SunitaSaldhana>for introducing me. I would now like to introduce Sumira Bhatia from < Cuckoosnest > and recommend you to read her views on the prompt, ‘What Does  Freedom Mean To You’.



It’s her big ONE!

I still can’t believe it’s already an year since I held you for the first time in my arms. Your tiny nose, pretty eyes and those tiny little feet. I remember I was thinking – I have never felt this before, wow she is precious, she is a part of me, she is MINE.

And here we are, all of a sudden you look more like a toddler than a baby. You are so close to walking but you have no teeth. Our house is brightened when you screen and you make my heart melt when you say “mumma” in your sweet voice. Seeing a dog makes you dance in joy, you love that swing and you love to fly.

All this might sound like a cliché as every child and mom must have experienced the same. But at the same time, this is special for me, because you are you and I am me and there is no other combination like us.

I accept I made many mistakes as a new mother in this one year. But You taught me that I needed to rock you to sleep.You taught me to trust you as you explored your world. You taught me how to let go of a messy house once in a while. You taught me that being present with you is far better than trying to juggle too much at time. You taught me to sail in the learning of new things—colors, animals, words, foods. With you, I can experience all of these things again for the first time. It was you who taught me how you to raise you better.

I do not know if I will be able to be what you want me to be, but I want to be your OCEAN. I want you to know that I will always be both front and behind you. The depth of my love for you will forever be immeasurable. All that I have in me for you: the love, the fear, the feeling of pride and insecurity is because, you have made me what I am.

I know you have learned to express your needs, you are all set to explore this world and I am sure you will make things happen your way in your own world. You will be fierce, independent and adventurous. But somewhere deep down in my heart I also wish that you stay small enough to curl into my arms before bed for just a little more longer, your tiny little fingers wrapped around mine when you walk, your arms around my neck everytime i carry you. Let’s just pause, here, now…for a little while, or forever.. on your birthday.

Wish you a very happy birthday! You are the little treasure god knew I needed.

My Mom Was RIGHT!

Last evening while feeding dinner to my little one I just stopped for a moment and thought Oh my god, I sound exactly like my mother!

It was only when I became a mother myself I realised that my mother was right about every damn thing.

Okay so to start with, let me take you back in my childhood. I had a very disciplinary mother, my meals had to be on time, I got to eat junk food and chocolates only twice a week, I had to go to bed on time. Keeping it short my childhood was a very disciplined one and I always thought I would never do this when I become a mother.

But yesterday evening when My little one wanted to have chocolate milk instead of her porridge for dinner I panicked and I said – if you wish to have dinner you have to eat what is in plate for you. And that was the moment! I realised OMG – I thought I would never do this.

And then I realised as a child I was constantly coming with excuses for myself that why mom would never understand that things have changed from when she was a child. I always thought that she and I are totally different personalities, and she would never know what I felt as a child or what I will be as a mother. But she always told me one thing – “You will know it all when you become a mother”.

Well, here I am today mother to a one year old little princess, and I have experienced quite a lot if not all. And finally I have that moment where I say “Oh Mom YOU WERE RIGHT”. You were right when you scolded me to eat healthy, to follow a routine, to have a clean closet and a clean room, to do my homework.You were right about everything.

After being a mother, I realised you were not wrong

when you simultaneously loved and disliked me in a single moment of time.

You were right that my swollen gums while teething and blocked nose in winters were more painful for you than me.

I now know that you were right, when you said your days were really long, but your years went in the blink of an eye while you were busy raising me.

So today I bow my head in front of a mother who has been selfless, who has nurtured me into who I am. I find myself beyond lucky to call you my Mom and I can’t thankyou enough for all that you have done for me. I accept YOU WERE RIGHT! Being a parent is not easy, as I continue to learn being one everyday, I wish I can be like YOU.

This post is a part of a blog train organised by Elina Wadia where 20 Indian moms have come together to write on how their own mothers were right! To read her article on the same topic, click here Elina

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Why I love Softsens for M!

Babies are such bundles of joy aren’t they?? Motherhood along with much happiness brings in a sense of responsibility to choose the best for your child. I wanted to do so too and this I was obviously apprehensive of the products that I use for little M.

Baby’s skin is soft, smooth, and infinitely touchable, and Baby M is born with extra sensitive skin. I am always in search for products that will suit her skin type. Recently I got my hands on @Softsens – they are an innovative bunch of baby care enthusiasts. All their products are designed by in-house experts inspired by everyday needs, habits and experiences of real Moms like us.

I have been using a few products by softsens on little M for a while now and here is my opinion on the products that came in the baby skin care set.

Baby wash:

I personally loved this baby wash as it’s enriched with natural milk cream and Shea butter. It’s perfect for her skin type as it gently cleanses her skin without drying it out.

Also what I really look in a body wash is, that it should be soap free to avoid irritation in her eyes and we look forward to a tear free bath time.

Baby Shampoo:

Little M was born with a head full of hair and I loved how her hair were so soft. But as we got her head shaved and the new hair growing is comparatively dull.

I liked this baby shampoo as it’s enriched with natural plant based essential oil, which maintains the natural oil in her hair.

What I really like about this is that it’s a soap free formula which cleanses and nourishes the baby’s scalp.

Baby wipes:

As we all know, motherhood comes with a need of tones of baby wipes. I loved these ones in specific as they are alcohol and paraben free.

Also these wipes are infused with lotion and vitamin E which keeps her dry skin moisturised and the cooling aloe Vera gel soothes her skin. I find it completely safe to use all over her body when on the go.

Baby powder:

I absolutely love the mild fragrance and soft velvet feel to this baby powder. We have used this around her happy area and it absorbs the excess moisture and keeps the skin dry and smooth.

The plant based ingredients which have antiseptic properties protect baby’s soft skin from friction and sweating making the baby feel comfortable and happy.

Baby Lotion & cream:

I prefer this lotion as it comes with milk cream and Shea butter and this keeps her dry skin moisturized for longer period. This also contains glycerin and anti oxidants like vitamin E which helps hydrate her skin and keep nourished. It’s extremely light weight and non greasy in skin, perfect for the weather type in mumbai.

Baby massage oil:

Honestly I haven’t tried this product on her as she is allergic to any massage oil. We massage her body with homemade ghee. But I have used it for myself as a makeup remover and it works wonders. It’s extremely light and the olive oil extracts soothe and condition the skin.

Baby soap:

We are extremely happy with the body wash and I personally feel soap would be a little harsh on her sensitive skin so did not give it a try. But I have tried it on myself and it’s creamy and the mild and sweet fragrance is so refreshing.

I genuinely look for products that are made in India yet meet international standard, and I am happy I have found my set of skin care range for M. What can go wrong with products that are made with a philosophy of MOM KNOWS THE BEST!

Home remedies for discomfort during pregnancy.

Nausea, stretch marks and swollen feet are common discomforts faced by women during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is the most beautiful time of a woman’s life. It’s a beautiful beginning of a never-ending journey of being a mother. Being pregnant has its own ups and downs like motherhood. Along with the beautiful feeling of hearing your baby’s first heartbeats, comes nausea. With the happiness of feeling your baby’s kicks, come the swollen feet. With the pregnancy glow on your face, come the stretch marks on your belly.


High levels of pregnancy hormones flooding your body cause nausea in pregnancy. Hopefully, your morning sickness will subside between about 14 weeks and 16 weeks. For some women, though, it can continue for a little longer. Here are some home remedies that will help you prevent nausea. • Eat whatever you can and whenever you can: Eating small but frequent portions will keep you energetic despite all the vomiting & nausea.

• Start your day sweet: Eating a little sweet early in morning helps fight nausea. You can eat a little gulkand or biscuits the moment you wake up.

• Quit toothpastes with evident flavor or excess mint for freshness. Use herbal and low on fragrance toothpastes as they will not aggravate the feeling of nausea.

• Having fruits like banana and avocado in the morning for breakfast also helps in keeping nausea at bay. They are also rich in Vitamin B.

• Suck on sour candy: Sucking on orange or lemon flavored candy helps keep nausea at bay.

Swollen Feet:

Swelling in feet occurs because your body is holding on to more fluid than usual. Swelling is common. Most women experience it particularly in the last trimester. • Take salt footbath: Soaking your feet in warm water and ½ cup salt will give instant relief. Make soaking in Epsom salts a relaxing night ritual while you’re pregnant.

• Ask for a foot massage: Whether it’s your partner, or masseuse, make sure they are aware of your comfort level and don’t press too hard on certain points. A gentle foot massage to let the arnica soak in is all you need.

• Include potassium rich foods in your diet: Kiwifruit, avocado & banana are fruits rich in potassium and make a very healthy mid meal snack during pregnancy. Potassium is an important mineral that helps maintain the salt to water ratio in your body.

• For quick relief roll your feet on a tennis ball or filled water bottle. Make sure you are seated while doing so and watch out for your body balance.

• Drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated will help keeping water retention in check.

Stretch Marks:

Your skin stretches during pregnancy as you put on weight and this causes stretch marks. Stretch marks usually appear as pink, red or purple-tinged lines on your belly. • Massage with oil: Massaging the affected areas with Vitamin E oil mixed with any moisturizer, will make skin smooth and help reduce the stretch marks.

• Aloe Vera Gel: Applying Aloe Vera gel in circular motion and massaging gently promotes healing and soothes your skin. Use fresh gel rather than ones available in the market.

• Milk, Sugar & Lemon: Make a homemade scrub with sugar, raw milk and few drops of lemon and scrub in circular motion. Rinse with lukewarm water and moisturize the affected area.

• Use Potato juice: Extract juice of a potato or cut the potato in two halves and massage the affected area in a circular motion and let it dry. Rinse it later with lukewarm water and apply moisturizer.

Not every pregnancy is the same, but chances are you will face at least one or two of the above mentioned conditions during your pregnancy. Whether it’s nausea, swollen feet  or stretch marks, pregnancy comes with its fair share of, shall we say, unpleasant side effects. They key to getting through is all about understanding what suits you.

Happy pregnancy to you!

How I miss winters in Mumbai!

Hello!!Welcome to the Winter Express – Blog Train where 33 awesome bloggers write about different topics related to this beautiful winter season from their own unique perspectives. Expect tips and tricks, recipes, stories, cherished memories and many more. You would love to have a magical ride with our Winter Express.

This blog train is brought to you by:, and would like to Thanks for introducing me and sending across the Winter Express to my station.

Across India winters are settling in, atleast in most parts of it. In some parts of the country people have already taken out their blankets, while for others the slight chill in the air in early mornings and late evenings are making them switching off their air conditioners. And here I am in Mumbai with my air conditioner on and missing my winter season. Even though I appreciate each and every season for its unique and beautiful qualities. I enjoy the changing weather, as well as the different clothes and activities that accompany each season, but somewhere I am a little biased when it comes to winters. And “yes I miss winters in Mumbai”.

It’s winter. It’s supposed to be cold outside and I miss it being cold. I keep looking at the weather app on my phone hoping for cold temperatures to be just around the corner.

The sticky heat, humidity and buckets of sweat are a year round thing for Mumbai.

Being in mumbai, I miss my winter mornings when I am all cosy in my fluffy blanket and feeling the warmth of the winter sun shining through the curtains on my window.

I miss the delight of a winter bonfire cuddling together with friends and family sharing old stories or playing silly games. It is something that takes me away from the busy urban life where everybody is falling short of time.

Winter season calls for a closet full of warm and cozy clothes. Mumbai being a city of dreams, is known for its Bollywood and fashion, but I cry a little inside every time I spot a new coat at Zara. I miss dressing up in warm sweaters or coats, colorful scarfs or mufflers paired with jackets and shopping for those fancy boots or winter caps.

Being a foodie and coming from a place known for its street food – Indore. I miss bingeing on hot crispy GADADU with a sprinkle of JIRAVAN on top. I miss the winter special delicacies like butte ka kis, and a plate full of crisp jalebi with poha for breakfast.

And specially this season I am going to miss dressing up my doll with layers of clothes and make her look like a walking marshmallow. I love how babies look super cute in their winter monkey caps and colourful sweaters with thier nose and cheek turning pink due to the chill in the air.

I might not have all these in my share this winter season but nonetheless Winter Is Here. Nonetheless every part of the country has their own way of enjoying winters. I will continue to enjoy mine as I eat vada pav with some chilled thumbs up in my cotton t shirt dreaming about temperatures dropping. How do you enjoy your winters share with me in the comments.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post. Now, it is the time for departure, so meet Winter Express next at station. Stay hooked to this journey with the Winter Express!!

Product Review – GAIA Skin Naturals.

There is nothing quite like the soft, delicate skin of a baby. And also, nothing like a cranky infant irritated of a diaper rash or any other skin condition. While your baby looks perfect their skin might not be. Many babies have extra sensitive skin and may be prone to skin irritations.

I found a perfect solution to all the skin related issues of my little one. GAIA Natural baby skin care range. They are Australian made products specifically designed to take care of the delicate and sensitive skin of infant and toddlers. Their are made using naturally derived organic oils and extracts that gently cleanses, moisturizes and soothes skin.

Natural Baby Powder –

This is my favourite baby powder so far. The best part about this is that, it’s a talc free cornstarch formula. The cherry on top is the mild lavender fragrance – makes it smell so fresh . We used to face a lot of nappy rash issues due to excess of moisture in the Happy area and to top it all my little one has extra sensitive skin. All her irritations were comforted by using GAIA Natural Baby Powder. I found it to be an Ideal product for freshening nappy area and protecting against chafing.

As a new mother I tried using this product for myself under the arms, breasts and between the legs to minimise chafing and reduce sweating. And I it really worked for me too.

Naturak Baby Bath & Body Wash :

This is a very calming gel that feels so soft and gentle on baby’s skin. As a new mother I was looking for a baby wash that is soap and sulphate free. GAIA body wash is so mild and gentle on my daughters skin. It leaves her skin so smooth and clean after the bath. The organic fragrance of the essential oils make bath time such a soothing experience. We have been using this everyday for quite some time now and it’s the perfect soap replacement that is pH balanced so it maintains her natural protective oils and prevent dryness.

Natural Baby Shampoo :

GAIA Natural Baby Shampoo was my last resort after trying various product that the market is flooded with for baby care. I was looking for something for a dry scalp. GAIA shampoo is so mild on hair and scalp. It takes care of her flaky scalp.

I have tried many products but they used to sting her eyes and our shampoo sessions would always make our bath time a cranky one. But with GAIA baby shampoo it’s perfect as it does not sting her eyes at all. We now love our bath times.

All the products are designed keeping in mind little ones gentle skin. There are NO artificial fragrances, soap, sulphates, used in any washes, moisturiser, massage oil and wipes. All the products are very effective and I really recommended them for gentle and sensitive skin type.

I would recommend this range of skin care products to all moms. I have ordered it on BabyChakra. The products were sourced directly from the brand and delivered within 7 days from the date of my order placing. Also, I liked the fact that I can opt for any payment (cash/card)method on the delivery of any of the products. So just click on the link below and give these amazing set of products a try.

Do we know the other side of our Miss World 2017?

So everybody around is talking about the new Miss World – Ms Manushi Chhillar. Little did we bother to throw some light on what difficulties she went through and how much hard work does it takes to be an all rounder and represent your country on such a big platform. She has beautifully added feathers to the Indian glory; she got back the crown in the country after a long wait of 17 years.

But is it only her hard work that has made her what she is today? I believe it takes a big heart and a strong mind to let your child who is studying medicine, follow her dream of being in a beauty pageant. From being a doctor to being Miss India and then Miss World is not an easy transition. Where such competitions are still being looked down upon by a particular section of the society in our country, her parents have proved it’s not only about beauty but also about brains.

Raising a multi talented child needs a lot of efforts from a parent’s end. She is a complete package – a dancer, a medicine student, Miss World beauty contest winner. It’s not only an achievement for her but also for her parents and it reflects what rift style of parenting can groom the child into.

Her answer that made her win the title, shows how grounded she is. It’s beautiful to see how she is attached to the values of life and respects her relations. A human who acknowledges motherhood and understands what a mother goes through to bring up her child, has a heart of gold and truly deserves the title of miss world. When she talks about love and respect in terms of cash and salary, it’s amazing to see at such a young age she is mature enough to understand the value of feelings and emotions over the material happiness.

It not only takes beauty and brains but also a very calm and pure heart to win such Pageants. It’s beautiful to see a young girl reflecting the values of her nation. A nation where a mother is worshiped, where a mother is considered to be the highest paid profession, where a mother is respected.

Do you believe in rift parenting too? Will you let your child follow their dreams, if their profession and the dream that they want to follow are two poles apart. When I thought about this as a parent I had no answer for myself for while. Then I realised its important to let them be, to let them follow their heart. In order to let them achieve success in whatever they do.

Also I have realised that I want to raise my child with these values of respecting and acknowledging the kindness around her. Its important for us a parent to make children understand that happiness is not only about materialistic things, we need to raise children who values family, who respects relations.