Letter to my Darling Daughter!

My darling Mi,

Motherhood is the most wonderful thing ever happened to me. I can’t thank the heaven enough to bless me with a daughter. You are my greatest treasure, you painted my canvas with different shades of pure love, happiness, joy, laughter, care, sometimes frustration and worry too. This WOMEN’S DAY I wanted to write to the most special female in my life.

As a child it might not mean so much to you now, but I am sure in future, it will! Raising you into a strong headed and soft hearted woman is my plan. As a mother and most importantly as a woman I can’t promise to bless you with expensive gemstones and luxurious closet but I will gift you with EDUCATION. Education is the secret key to success, without this you will lack – for knowledge, for independence and for well being. Your education will empower you, it will be your strength. With it, you will know your rights, make your own decisions. It will help you walk through the difficult times in life (though I wish for you to never see it). It will give you a voice, and will make sure you are heard.

My dear daughter one very important thing I would want to tell you being a woman, a wife and a mother is Be proud of being a woman. We are amazing. In today’s world both men and women are equal but I want you to celebrate that difference which make us great and the powers that only we as women are blessed with.

I will give you the eyes to identify your dreams and will always strengthen your wings to chase them and fly high. You will be ALL woman and still rule the corporate world – should that be your dream. But my dear I also want you to believe in love, the power of marriage and in the magic of motherhood as only a woman is blessed to be a JANANI. I hope you someday will get to experience the power of being one and feel the same joy, frustration, happiness and love that children bring too. It is all worth it.

I can only hope, as a woman sharing my feelings to someone who will one day be one, that I’ve done a good job, raised you with confidence, intelligence, empathy and grace.

Happy Women’s Day my Favourite Female.


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This Holi Let’s fill some colours in our life!

Holi – the festival of colours is here and it’s my favourite festival after Diwali ofcourse. Before Mi happened to me I have played the messiest, with not only colours but also eggs, tomatoes, cooked food, mud, oil. To be honest, memories are hazy and let’s leave it at that.

But now I am a mother and trust me guys I am a really possessive human when it comes to Mi. So by default it can’t be a messy one this year, but I want her to understand and enjoy all the festivals. This is not because I am being a religious mother but a spiritual one at heart. According to me spirituality is about finding permanent joys. And what better way than Holi to find joy and have some fun.

Last year this time Mi was just two months old and I was going through bad post partum depression but this year is special. I want to fill this year with beautiful colours and their significance in her life.

Let’s start with my favourite colour YELLOW: the color of Sunshine, I wish the yellow colour brings in a lot of HOPE and WARMTH. You my little sunshine have brought so much warmth in our lives and I hope i will be able to make this year a bright and colourful one for us.

GREEN: the colour of Life, I wish the colour green brings in a lot of FRESHNESS and ENERGY. You are my dose of powerpacked energy, your smile makes my mornings fresh and energetic. I hope I can be energetic enough to match up to the speed with which you are growing and learning new things every passing day.

RED: the colour of LOVE & ANGER, until you happened, for me Love was more about romance and desires but it’s you, who have made me realise the POWER of PURE LOVE. This year, I want to be more PASSIONATE about being a better person keeping aside my short tempered nature, so that I set a better example for you.

BLUE: the colour that represents SKY and OCEAN, I hope to support you with strong wings to fly high, for your dreams my dear sky should not be the limit. I wish to be able to give your thoughts a depth of an ocean. I promise myself to groom you into a confident and free bird.

PINK: a colour that reflects everything that’s SWEET. I wish this colour of sweetness spreads lot of LAUGHTER and brings PLAYFUL DAYS. With this colour that symbolises Feminism, I hope I raise a strong headed and soft hearted woman.

Every season, every festival is a new experience with you my princess. And with all my excitement I want to celebrate this season of blooming flowers on palas trees and festival of colours that spreads happiness around.

Wish you all lovely people a VERY HAPPY HOLI from me and mine.

What makes me a Minimalist Mother!

In this world of excesses we want to give our children more than we had to ourselves. We want to provide them with best of clothes, best of toys, latest gadgets, and exotic vacations. My intentions were no different. I wanted to give more and more and more. But then I realised the continuous desire of giving the best to my child has left me depleted. And then, I discovered the benefit of minimalism in life. that’s when I decided to implement the same in my parenting.

I still wanted to give my child more but this time it was, more opportunities, more time, more love and more emotional security.

Here is my point of view on why did I choose minimalism in my parenting style and how am I implementing it-

* Instil minimalism through actions and not by words – as a parent we spend a lot of time talking about it to justify it with reasons. But it’s easier when they see you practising it rather than preaching it. Sometimes all they need is to see you model the desired behavior in your daily actions.

* Taking Local Vacations – Ofcourse exotic and luxurious vacations are a privilege. But it’s a great learning to experience trips from wherever you are into your local nature and relish a local street delicacy.

* Buy less to let them innovate more – When we provide endless varieties of toys to our children, we leave them with very little opportunity to create and explore new ideas on their own. Have you ever let the child be with one toy and just notice what new games they invent with that toy out of boredom.

* Do not be the sole provider of their wardrobe – we ofcourse love shopping for those fancy and in trend clothes for our little hearts. But just to instil the comfort when taking and giving away the clothes, try and make them wear passed on clothes or gears from friends and family just to make them comfortable with this concept. Simultaneously pass on the out grown clothes, gears and accessories and keep the space decluttered.

* Use the library – The library is there for a reason, and these days library is not just for books. Register with a good toy library, or a music library.

* Look for people with similar philosophy – children who have a similar minimalist philosophy can get together and can enjoy being creative together and won’t come away with a feeling of envy.

I believe the key is to not force it on the child, instead it’s better to talk to them and help the child “own” this lifestyle by emphasizing that minimalism is your way of life out of choice. secondly, it’s important to take this really slow and gradually inculcate this in day to day life, any try to make this an over night process might leave a negative impact on the child.

In your journey of minimalistic parenting, many times you might feel guilty of depriving your children of “the best” when you don’t register them for every other activity, or take them to every movie, or buy them every brain-enhancing toy. But hey! Media and advertising companies are paying millions to make you think this. Don’t “buy” it. Trust me on this, You are not depriving your children; you are enhancing their mental and emotional development.

I am not against buying things that make our life easier or more enjoyable but certainly against mindless consumption and raising my child to link her self worth to how much cool stuff she owns.

share with me your views on practising minimalism in your parenting style.

Are you a MINIMALIST too?

In today’s era where the world is flooded with overwhelming choices, are we being influenced to think that WE NEED MORE? Give it a moment and think – do we really need more gadgets to be more productive? Do we really need a new outfit for every event or it’s just the peer pressure? Are tv commercials influencing  us to believe that we need those expensive products for our safety or well-being of our skin or fitness?

Call me a millennial but I truly believe in minimalism. In my personal opinion, Less is More. I try my best to get rid of all non-essentials and focus on the things that give life meaning and joy. It helps me balance my lifestyle, and has made my life more simpler and happier.

Does being a minimalist means, I buy less things?

Not at all, it means I only buy things that I  absolutely need. I try to draw a line between my wants and needs. As a minimalist, I like being surrounded by things that are most of value to me and make me feel content.

I know that it is very easy to slip and fall into situations of buying every cute thing you see because it’s interesting or you want to try new things or because you think that you will use it “ONE DAY.”

As a new parent I promise myself to incorporate the same in my parenting style. I will never deprive my daughter from essentials but I will also always declutter the non essentials. As a parent I want to focus on the simple joys of parenting and enjoy her childhood. This might be challenging as I want to give my little darling the world like any other parent would want to. But I want to try my best to keep away from the new culture that only talks about excesses.

With my experience of being a minimalist myself, I have figured out that simplification is the key to a fun filled, relaxed and decluttered parenting. To know more on about my minimalistic approach in parenting and to know more on how am I doing it, look up to my next post on this here.

Separation anxiety – isn’t just for kids!

Today, I am going to talk about a very sensitive issue that we all go through being a mother.

As a first time mother I always felt acutely nervous when I let my daughter away. I would worry about her adjustments or just about miss spending time with her.

The idea of leaving her for just a short amount of time was enough to fill my heart with worries and guilt. Of course I believed that no one else could possibly take care of my daughter better than I could, not for even a minute.

Until when my mom told me – Separation anxiety is the other side of the attachment coin; a healthy bond with my child means a certain degree of discomfort when she’s not there.

Here are few things that I practised to deal with it:

1️. Its ok to feel anxious:

Separation anxiety is a natural part of development as a mother. The goal isn’t to get rid of worry or doubt – in fact, nerves are part of our parenting instinct and they help us make good decisions.

2️. Everyone has a different way of handling a child, and kids are most adaptive:

One of the tough parts about leaving her was the fear that no one else knows the secrets. And that’s true, but kids are surprisingly adaptive. Even as tiny babies, they know the game is different when someone else is in charge. Dad, grandma, or a nanny – those people will find their own way and might surprise you with their tricks.

3️. Separation is important and healthy for child:

Tell yourself you are doing it for the child. It’s healthy for the baby to be taken care of by multiple caregivers. Letting her to trust and be cared by other people only will boosts her to develop a bond and sense that the world is a safe place.

4️ Enjoy your time!!

Think about all the things you have been wanting to do since a long time. It’s important for you to take a break. Steal some alone time with your spouse or your friends. It’s important as a mother to feel happy to spread happiness around baby. .

Just know that attachment doesn’t mean always physically being there. Let your bond with child grow with a consistent message that you will come back.

“Mommas Celebrating Love” – how am I celebrating V-day!

Love is in the air and Valentines Day is just around the corner.  But, if you’ve just had a baby, romance is probably furthest from your mind.

Being a completely Bollywood person at heart I like a lot of drama in life and that is why sometimes I feel, I get too engrossed in being a parent, so that i forget that we are a couple as well. But for a healthy relationship it’s important to keep the passion burning. This Valentines Day, I took some time to remember the romantic side of my relationship.

These are few things that I did to plan a beautiful day without bothering my mom duties, guilt free right!

Well, I started Planning In Advance. With being in the most responsible, 24 hour job (being a mother) it’s always better to start planning early. Usually the moment we think we will do something special for ourselves, the child gets a signal and they want you at the very same moment and hey momma! You can’t ignore them. So I thought I would gradually start planning as and when I got some free time.

This valentine, I chose to keep away of extravagant gifts, instead I did a diy card with a hand written letter with some cute tiny love notes.

More on this, to woo my partner I chose a dozen of roses and a fancy candle lit dinner with some soft music. This will be the perfect setting to our romantic evening inside our house. Also, this will keep me guilt free while we enjoy a beautiful evening together.

Further, while planning all these for him a thought struck me deep in my heart. Even though I have snagged myself two most adorable #ValentineForLife, it’s still super important to be your own valentine, too. It feels lovely to prep up to celebrate the day of love with my partner, but hey! How about celebrating this day with some love for myself too. Because as it’s rightly said, you can’t truly love someone until you love yourself.

So decided to Pamper Myself in advance with a fancy spa which I am pretty sure will be good for a more happy and Rejuvenated me.

I also went ahead and Gifted myself that pair of shoes I had my eye on for quite some time. Moreover I also Treated Myself with an over indulgent brunch with a bunch of my favourite people at an expensive restaurant. I genuinely feel sometimes this little momentary splurge is just what I exactly need for a good confidence boost or to pump up that happy-feeling.

I agree life is a little stressful with all the changes that parenthood has brought in. But not acknowledging or celebrating this day, just because it’s too mainstream or because you are a parent can be the biggest mistake. Every day can be a Valentine’s Day but if you are not being able to celebrate everyday let’s give it our best short to make this one day special and make some memories for lifetime.

What’s your take on celebrating this one day of love with your partner or may be, just with yourself?

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It’s Your ME-TIME Mommy!

The moment I saw those two red lines on my pregnancy test strip, I was confused!

I was happy, but I was afraid, I had no idea what I was getting into. I knew it is not going to be a cake walk, but gradually after a few ultrasound sessions I wanted to face this. All I wanted was, to be a mother to the little one in my womb. I was eagerly waiting to meet this soul more than anything.

Motherhood is beautiful, I have found my happiness for life after being a mother. But also the other side of it is crazy hard and I would still love to be a mother willingly all over again.

Being a mother, I found it is increasingly difficult to find time for myself and do things just for me. This New Years I made a promise, “I would make time for myself”. I feel it’s really important to do things, that you like. Because if you do not, you will be a person who have it all, but is still unhappy. And being a mother, it’s important to be happy in order to raise happy children.

Just a thought of taking some me time might over burden you with all that mom guilt. But hey ! You are not just a mom. You are a friend, you are a wife, you might be a singer, a painter, a chef, a lawyer. Being a mom is indeed the most important responsibility, but it’s not all that defines you. What you were as a person before being a mom has made you what you are today. You need to be connected to what you were, as one day you may have to or want to wear your old hat again.

Babies grow up in the blink of an eye, you will not realise when your tiny bird will be all prepared to fly on their own. If you don’t have interests and activities that fill you up outside of raising your children, you are going to feel very lost and alone.

You can’t help your child if you haven’t filled up your heart with life-giving oxygen. The more you fill up your personal fulfilment, the more you are able to pour into your children. Regularly, taking time for yourself helps you to be a better mom.

  • So dress up mommy, go for that long due coffee with your best friend.
  • Take time out for a long bubble bath, with your favourite Bollywood magazine.
  • Pamper yourself with a massage session, a pedicure and get that pretty nail art done.
  • Write the book that you are wanting to, since a long time.
  • Book your tickets for a movie night, with your girl gang.
  • Dress up your best and indulge in some retail therapy.

Whatever it is that you want to do, just live that moment to the fullest. Do not let that mom guilt ruin your time. Everything that you have to do, will be either taken care of or will be right there when you get back. Take my words, everything will be ok when you indulge in some me time. Trust me, it’s totally worth it, you will be a better person and a more happier and fulfilled momma to your children.

Let them be free – but in Moderation.

31D2F975-691A-4B16-8840-46505AE615B1Being a parent has made me discover a new side of me, an over protective person. I believe many times, as a parent I hover the little one out of fear. Many of you might relate to this, do you also feel scared of raising your child in a wold where everyday you hear a about kidnapping case, child abuse and bullies. If you feel world was a much more secure place when you were a kid, we have mutual thoughts mommy. But our duty as parents is to not just protect them but prepare them.

I believe kids are more safe and secure when they are supervised in their activities. But it’s also important to make them independent, they need to learn how to solve problems and regulate their own actions. For this, Children Need Freedom.

Also I strongly believe, freedom once given is very difficult when taken back.

03AE1980-0E55-41BA-8473-EBD99B19B2D1To this when I think of giving freedom to my little one, I believe Freedom In Moderation is what they really need.

Making them understand the good and bad side of every action will help them take a more evaluated decision in any given situation. Moderation in freedom will increase the flexibility in their behaviour.

For instance, i many a times see kids being influenced with the things that their friends do. They might want to eat junk just because their friends might do it. You can’t completely keep them away, instead choose to give them the freedom to do things in moderation. This will help them choose to do such things when they really want to do it (and not because they see their friends doing it) and be in control.

Also by giving freedom in moderation you will make them self disciplined. It’s always easier to control behaviour when you are free to do things or when you choose to not do it. On the other side when you are constrained from doing things, you might want to do it more, in some cases just out of anxiety to know why are you constrained from doing it.

How much freedom should be given to kids is the most thought about topic amongst parents. Freedom is a matter of concern with new parents, parents of a toddler and parents to teen aged children too. For me Freedom In Moderation in what I believe in, not only for my child but I practise the same on self too.

Share with me, what is your take on giving freedom to children. This blog post is a part of #LetsDiscussFreedom Blogathon. I would like to thank Sunita from <SunitaSaldhana>for introducing me. I would now like to introduce Sumira Bhatia from < Cuckoosnest > and recommend you to read her views on the prompt, ‘Your Take On Giving Freedom To Kids’.



What Freedom Means to Me!

6EDD183B-36E5-4A22-A542-0B81E0233CC3Freedom for a layman is the right to speak, think or worship, but for me freedom is a little more than just being free to do whatever I want. Fortunately, I am blessed to not be in a hard enough situation to even achieve a more basic level of freedom of thought where we know ourselves and do what we want to. Instead, we do what we think our parents, our friends, our bosses, or society dictates. For me freedom is a much greater deal than all these things and it’s at a different altitude.

Freedom for me earlier was, when I got to select the field of my education and switch it when I was not comfortable with it and my parents did not judge me for it.

Freedom for me was, when I got to hold on to a demanding and challenging job and quit it just because I wanted to take a break for some time and I wasn’t judged for it.

Freedom for me was, when I got a choice to learn the household chores because it was of my interest and not because it was a prerequisite.

Now, Freedom for me is feeling secure while I walk on a lonely road at midnight.

Freedom is when I get to plan a trip after marriage with my set of friends without being questioned much on the details.

Freedom for me is being able to raise my voice in defence of anyone in need without a fear of getting myself affected for doing so.

Freedom for me is not being judged when I choose to be a stay at home mama and leave my career aside for a while.

Freedom for me is not being judged for my messy bun, shabby brows and mom style dressing.

Freedom for me is being free from the guilt (specially momguilt) of not being able to live up to the expectations or taking a break from responsibilities and duties once in a while.

Freedom for me is not being judged on my parenting style which has a lot of extra pampering with a little screen time.

Freedom for me is when I let my little one be free and take her time to learn things. Choosing to let her stay away from the rat race of being the best and as quick as you can.

Freedom for me is being free from the social pressures and take decision that bring true happiness to my heart.
Above all this the most important thing which I need to seek freedom from is, freedom from my fear.Freedom from the fear of being a perfectionist. Freedom from fear of loosing things or people in life. I want to live a free life, Life that is adventurous, full of little moments that make memories for life. Freedom for me is exploring the world with no restrictions and boundaries, with no deadlines and pressure of performance.

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It’s her big ONE!

I still can’t believe it’s already an year since I held you for the first time in my arms. Your tiny nose, pretty eyes and those tiny little feet. I remember I was thinking – I have never felt this before, wow she is precious, she is a part of me, she is MINE.

And here we are, all of a sudden you look more like a toddler than a baby. You are so close to walking but you have no teeth. Our house is brightened when you screen and you make my heart melt when you say “mumma” in your sweet voice. Seeing a dog makes you dance in joy, you love that swing and you love to fly.

All this might sound like a cliché as every child and mom must have experienced the same. But at the same time, this is special for me, because you are you and I am me and there is no other combination like us.

I accept I made many mistakes as a new mother in this one year. But You taught me that I needed to rock you to sleep.You taught me to trust you as you explored your world. You taught me how to let go of a messy house once in a while. You taught me that being present with you is far better than trying to juggle too much at time. You taught me to sail in the learning of new things—colors, animals, words, foods. With you, I can experience all of these things again for the first time. It was you who taught me how you to raise you better.

I do not know if I will be able to be what you want me to be, but I want to be your OCEAN. I want you to know that I will always be both front and behind you. The depth of my love for you will forever be immeasurable. All that I have in me for you: the love, the fear, the feeling of pride and insecurity is because, you have made me what I am.

I know you have learned to express your needs, you are all set to explore this world and I am sure you will make things happen your way in your own world. You will be fierce, independent and adventurous. But somewhere deep down in my heart I also wish that you stay small enough to curl into my arms before bed for just a little more longer, your tiny little fingers wrapped around mine when you walk, your arms around my neck everytime i carry you. Let’s just pause, here, now…for a little while, or forever.. on your birthday.

Wish you a very happy birthday! You are the little treasure god knew I needed.